Create your trip...

Create a map of your trip by uploading your route and photos to EveryTrail.

from a GPS phone.

Your GPS device saves GPS coordinates of your trip route in .gpx files. Just upload your trip’s .gpx file and Everytrail will create your map instantly.

from a mobile phone

After you’re done recording in the app, just click “save” and your map will be published on

Add Media

Plot pictures on your map right where they were taken!

from a camera, Flickr, Picasa:

Just upload photos or import from sites and they’ll be plotted automatically on your map based upon their timestamp. Or, if you prefer, you can plot photos on the map yourself.

from a phone:

Photos taken from the EveryTrail app will be plotted on your map automatically.

View your trip in 3D...

Once you’ve created your map, you can re-live the true terrain in 3D with Google Earth. Just choose “download your trip to Google Earth” to see your trip come to life.