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2011-02-18 Jerusalem to Emmaus - Jerusalem District, Israel

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I set a new record for myself today - 14 miles! And it was not flat like at home. This was hilly country, even called in the Bible the "hill country of Judea" it is where Mary came to visit Elizabeth and where David came to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant. I took off early when it was cool. Stayed off the freeway 1 and ran thru the villages and back roads. Along the way I could see the Church of Visitation in Ein Kerem across the valley among the hills. I visited the Crusader Resurrection in Abu Ghosh then up to my goal - The Church of Our Lady the Ark of the New Covenant. Abu Ghosh represents two things: 1) one of the four sites vying to be the original city of Emmaus mentioned in Luke 24. It is unlikely Abu Ghosh is Emmaus though it was on the way to the probable site of El Qubeiba. 2) The Ark of the Old Covenant contained the Word of God inscribed in stone; Mary the Ark of the New Covenant contained in her womb on on her breast the Word of God inshrined in flesh. The Ark of the Old Covenant sat in Abu Ghosh for 20 years. Mary came to the hills of Judea during the Visitation. See 2 Samuel 6 and Luke 1.
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Trip Info
February 18, 2011
Trip Location: Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Length: 14.2 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Running
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