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White Rock Loop - Nevada, United States

by LVHiker  
with a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
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This is my favorite hike from the Scenic Drive in Red Rock Canyon.  The plant life along this trail varies with the elevation.  When starting out, the terrain is typical Mojave Desert plants - yucca, cacti, black bush, and some desert trumpet.  As you go up in elevation, piñon pine appear, there are more juniper trees, and you encounter a different kind of plant life as you approach the limestone ridges behind White Rock Mountain.

I always start at the Willow Springs picnic area and hike counter clockwise.  This  takes you past the pictograph hand prints on the sandstone in Willow Springs.  After leaving that area, you hike to the ridge and continue winding around and down and then up to the White Rock Springs parking lot. If you want to take a short side trip, detour down the springs trail before you get to the parking area.  There's a small concrete catch basin built to hold water coming from the springs in the mountain.

After leaving the parking lot, the trail crosses a wash, goes past the Keystone Thrust Trail, and continues to a saddle nestled in the sandstone at the high point.  From here, you get a view of what I call Red Rock's hidden forest.  There are a large number of juniper and pine trees, and the area looks so lush compared to much of Red Rock Canyon.  As you descend, look for some wonderful Shinarump conglomerate.  The area framed by the formation has a pine tree growing in it, and it's a lovely sight.

Eventually, you intersect with the La Madre Springs Trail.  Turn left, heading southwest, and follow the trail back to the parking lot.  Part of the last section is more difficult because the footing is on large rocks that can be difficult to walk on.  

Happy hiking!
If you want to get the elevation part of the hike over quicker, hike clockwise from the picnic area.  You will have the elevation gain compressed into a shorter distance.  Once at the saddle, most of the hike is downhill from there.
red rock canyon, White Rock Loop, Las Vegas
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Trip Info
by LVHiker
January 24, 2011
Trip Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Length: 6.3 miles
Duration: 3 hours
Activity: Hiking
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