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Tsuen Kam Au - Kap Lung Forest Trail - Ho Pui Reservoir

by oldpinetree  
with a Garmin eTrex Venture HC
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21 November 2010
Fine and dry but hazy
22 - 26 degree Celsius
Relative humidity 59%

We followed my wife's colleagues to take this route some two years ago. I did not have a habit to record GPS tracing by then. It's therefore been in my "would go" list for long time.

KMB Route no. 51 bus departed from Tsuen Wan. The bus frequency was quite sparse on a public holiday. Getting off the bus at "Country Park" station at Tsuen Kam Au. Then walk along the bus direction for less than 20 meters and one will see a large log of old Chinese characters 甲龍林徑. That's the beginning of the route.

After a short ascending walk, it came a long descending stony path. Beware of green lichens on the rocks, which will prove very slippery during summer months, especially after rain. A trekking pole is a must for this part.

Follow the clear directions to go along "Kap Lung Trail". When you started to see the sign post for "Ho Pui", follow it. Some parts of the hiking route overlapped with cross-country bike trail. We did not see bikers this afternoon. However, prepare to look out for the bikers some other day as they can ride quite fast.

After we had reached the Ho Pui Reservoir, we walked along the "Ho Pui Reservoir Family Trail' to encircle the reservoir. It's a short nice pleasant walk. After completing the family trail, the exit is a paved road leading to the bottom of the hills. The first farm came along the way was HKFYG organic farm. HKFYG took over to operate the farm several months ago. The Tofu Fa there was sold out but the soy milk was really nice. The mini bus no. 71 at Ho Pui Village took us to Yuen Long and ended the day journey.

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Trip Info
November 21, 2010
Trip Location: Pak Shek Kiu, Hong Kong
Length: 6.0 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 3,063 times
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