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Gateway Canyon - Nevada, United States

by LVHiker  
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This is one of my favorite hikes in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  It begins is Calico Basin and goes across the desert to the base of Krafft Mountain.  Then you follow the trail up to the saddle.  From there you descend through what we call Candy Cane Canyon into Gateway Canyon.

Go east in Gateway.  There are a few obstacles to get over or around.  Use good judgment.  The first major obstacle requires a climb down on the right side of the top boulders.  Then you have to do a second climb down to completely get by the boulders that block a straight walk.  The trail is somewhat evident.

The other two places require minimal climb downs, and the one which used to involve a walk around up and down some side cliffs, is no longer needed unless there's water in the pool below the boulders.  If you stay to the right, there are enough rocks and boulders piled up that you can wedge your boots and body against the two sandstone blocks and make your way down.

Once past the third obstacle, the trail is simply a boulder hopping or gravel walking hike.  The last part is basically flat desert until you get back to the car.

Happy hiking!
1)  If you want to make your hike a little more interesting, at the saddle, go immediately to your right and make your way down through the scrub oak and boulders.  It's challenging at times, but it's a fun and scenic way to go.

2)  Don't miss the dry waterfall after you leave Gateway Canyon.  When the trail comes out of the wash and heads south toward some large boulders, go to the edge of the ridge by the large boulder and enjoy the view.

3)  Do stay of the private property areas in Calico Basin.

Most photos were taken October 17, 2006.  I have noted the photos I took today.  
red rock canyon, Las Vegas, Gateway Canyon
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I did this one.
by RoyLeon on Nov 04, 2015
Trip Info
by LVHiker
November 12, 2010
Trip Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Length: 3.3 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Hiking
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