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Beaver Pond Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park - Ontario, Canada

by philipc  
with a Garmin Forerunner 405
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Just amazed to see the hard work done by a beaver.  Never be able to understand how this animal can build such a large dam using nothing but their hands and teeth.  We kind of know they try to build a dam to be home for the family to hide away from wolves and coyotes and store their food so that nobody can find it.  But why did they build such a large dam when they can build a smaller one in the narrower section of the stream to achieve the same results.  Are they wasting their time doing a labour-intensive job?  How could they manage to chew up the tree trucks so that the tree always falls towards the river? 

The Labour Day long weekend is supposed to be the busiest weekend up north, but the rain in the north in Huntsville area the last weekend has kept many people home in Toronto.  After setting up the tent in the rain, we headed up to the shorter Beaver Trail to have a leisure hike.

This 2km trail is a typical trail in Ontario where you can see beaver ponds, meadow, marshes, along a somewhat rugged terrain.    Just like every interpreter trail in Algonquin Park, this trail is clearly marked with blue dots, with 10 posts.  The trail head leads toward the woods.  Shortly after post 2, we entered into a Beaver meadow walking on a boardwalk.  Originally this whole area was once a forest, but it was flooded by beavers to create a pond.  When the food ran out, the beavers abandoned the pond or died, eventually turning the unmaintained pond into a meadow.

At post 5, we were standing right in front of an impressive beaver dam, with high water level blocked by the undeniable wide dam.  What we saw in front of us was not just a pond; it was a beaver-made Amikeus Lake.  It was so amazing to see how these 100- lb animals could transform a forest into meadows, ponds and even lakes, and so many wild life need beavers to create the environment for them to survive.

Algonquin Park, Huntsville, Ontario Parks, Beaver Pond
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Trip Info
by philipc
September 04, 2010
Trip Location: Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Length: 1.4 miles
Duration: 55 minutes
Activity: Hiking
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