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The Muffins and Beyond - Nevada, United States

by LVHiker  
with a Garmin eTrex Venture HC
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This is a hike on Blue Diamond Hill to a rock formation called the Muffins, two large, conglomerate boulders at the top of a ridge.  From here, the trail continues along the ridge with  view of Las Vegas.  I loop back and return by a mountain bike trail called the Boneshaker.

The trailhead is across the road from the main area of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  The parking area is along State Route 159, Charleston Boulevard, at the entrance to the Cowboy Trail Rides.

Walk in through the gate and follow the trail that goes across the desert (to your left) just beyond the horse corral.  This takes you to another trail that you follow briefly before the smaller trail gores off to the right.  Your goal is the wide canyon that comes out from the right hand side of Blue Diamond Hill.  On the way to this canyon, you'll pass an area where Cowboy Trail Rides has some wire where they can tie horses during rides.  Soon you go down and across a wash and up the other side.  This is about a mile from the car and it's where the hiking gets tougher.

You head up a series of switchbacks as you gain elevation on the hill.  You come to a fork int he trail.  Take a left and continue up the switchbacks.  This trail leads to the Muffins, the rock formations you can see for a good part of the hike. The distance to the muffins is 1.8 miles, so for many, this will be a good place to relax, enjoy the stunning views of Red Rock Canyon's sandstone cliffs, and then retrace your steps to the car.  

For those who want to do the whole loop, continue past the Muffins along the mountain bike trail.  In this section, it's easy to get off trail.  Just keep heading along ESE as you go along the ridge.  Eventually, you join another trail, the one Cowboy Trail Rides uses for its longer rides, and this leads to an area called the Las Vegas Overlook.  Cowboy Trail Rides has another set of tie ups for horses here.  This gives you a wonderful view of Las Vegas from the northwest to Henderson.  

From here the horse/mountain bike trail continues along the ridge to a place where I like to stop, have a snack, and enjoy the view of lovely Lady Las Vegas. This is at about 3.8 miles.

From here, take the trail almost due west to the weather station, and start descending.  Soon you come to a fork in the trail with a small sign that says, "Danger Boneshaker."  The Boneshaker is a name given to this trail by the mountain bikers.  The end of this trail is quite steep in places and the scree makes some footing very treacherous.

The Boneshaker brings you back to the corral you passed at the start of the hike via a ridge between two canyons.  It is a stunning trail.  At the bottom of the Boneshaker, rejoin the trail you started on and finish the hike after saying hello to the horses in the corral.  

Happy trails!

UPDATE!  There is a new Boneshaker sign.
There is no shade on this hike except by some boulders.  Bring plenty of water in your backpack, wear hiking boots, have sunscreen, and wear a cap with brim.  Enjoy the wonderful desert scenery.
The Muffins, red rock canyon, Boneshaker
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Comments (2)
Looks good
by Scotty1252 on May 05, 2013
This is the best description of this hike that I've seen. Keep on hiking posting your trips!
by raceingreen on Sep 07, 2010
Trip Info
by LVHiker
September 06, 2010
Trip Location: Summerlin South, Nevada, United States
Length: 6.3 miles
Duration: 3 hours
Activity: Hiking
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