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Solo Catamaran sail to Catalina Island - California, United States

by hobiegary  
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I set out on a scouting expedition to determine the viability of a Camping trip to Catalina's boat-in camping beaches. (permit required) Single handed I sailed my Mystere 6.0 20-foot beach cat from Marina Del Rey to the north shore boat-in camping beaches. I toured the coast to look at the various boat-in camping beachs. Goat Harbor had been my choice because it looked to be most protected from surf. With "Wag Bags" in my possesion (bring your own toilet is a requirement before stepping foot on shore) I landed and using my custom built landing equipment, hauled my boat up above the high tide line for the night. I had enough time for a short hike in the steep canyon. There, I crossed paths with a pretty large Mule Deer. Evening came with it's cold damp air and I took a bath in the ocean before all daylight was gone. After some extensive air drying, I toweled off and donned some warm clothes. Time for dinner and drinks. I started off with some wine and cheese, with celery stalks. Soon I was all ready for some hot food. Using my backpaker's stove, I heated a can of chunky soup and used my windblock to funnel the warm stove air to further dry my damp skin. Warm and cozy, I had a tasty dinner while enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the beach. Full and content, I cleaned everything up and layed my sleeping bag down so that I could enjoy the stars. Occasionally a small plane would coast low, directly over me on final approach to the island's airport. It was so quiet that I could hear the wind on the aircraft. Stars were incredible as I fell peacefully off to sleep while enjoying the sound of water slapping the pebble shoreline. I awakened in the middle of the night and though that I was on the other side of the island where I once Catamaran Camped at Little Harbor. It was a dream that left me confused for a moment until I came to full conciousness. One peak at the horizon revealed the bright lights of metropolitan Los Angeles and this convinced me that I was indeed on the north Shore. In the morning I took my time having coffee and eating my breakfast granola bars. I readied my boat to sail and packed it up with all my belongings. I shoved off and enjoyed a sense of independence as I savored the ability to come and go without assistance. GARY
Just because I can do this does not mean that you should try it.
Catamaran, Beachcat, Catalina
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Trip Info
August 07, 2002
Trip Location: Marina del Rey, California, United States
Length: 85 miles
Duration: 12 hours
Activity: Sailing
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