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Pescadero Creek County Park Deathmarch - California, United States

by sammydee  
with a GPSMAP 62st
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Deathmarch.  In local geocaching circles, it means a hike of at least 12 miles, with at least 1500 feet of vertical gain.  This hike, my friends, is a deathmarch.  

But...everyone made it back in one piece, and we enjoyed the forest - so how bad can it be?  :)

We drove to the trailhead on China Grade, on the north edge of Big Basin ... and then headed to Pescadero Creek County Park. A trail crossing private property through a public easement connects the two parks.  We made a wrong turn at one point and strayed from the easement ... don't make the same mistake we did!  

Once in the County Park, we followed the Butano Ridge Trail along the top of, uh, Butano Ridge.  The entire route was in deep forest cover, with only a few spots with good views.  At the end of the ridge was one such spot, where we could see the ocean in the distance.  

We then descended steeply to the Old Haul Road, which follows along a valley 1200+ feet below the ridgeline.  Then ... sigh ... we climbed all the way back up, to the ridge, the easement and our cars.

The steep descent from the ridge was painful for some in our group, and the steep ascent back up was painful for others.  Hiking poles help take the pounding out of the downhill portion ... pacing yourself and not overdoing it help with the uphill. 

I did pretty well both ways, I thought, until the last quarter mile.  The last bit is really a fairly steep climb, and my heart and my legs both had decided that enough was enough.  I had to slow WAY down on the last little bit, but soon enough the cars popped into view.

Drink plenty of water.  I carried almost 5 liters of water and Gatorade, but drank less than half.  When I got home I weighed 4 pounds less than when I left in the morning ... I guess I lost 1/2 GALLON of water (given that "a pint's a pound the world 'round").  

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Comments (5)
I live across Atlantic (Greece) and once per year, sometimes twice i travel to USA with my friend doing west-east coast with a car.

Unfortunetly he is hooked in photographing trains and

im hooked with geocashing, im planning at some point to

make a geocashing specific trip maybe at Montana who knows time will show.
by myself on Feb 08, 2011
Excellent; I looked mainly because I am interested in the 62s, but found added interest as i lived in San Jose for 3 years (coutesy of big blue).

The only (very minor) nitpick is your statement in the 'Tips' section: "a pint's a pound the world 'round". It is not, this being the reason the US gallon is smaller than the UK gallon (for some reason, we chose that a gallon should weigh ten pounds!). You can see why litres are becoming popular - a true measure of volume and not the weight of water! :)

Thanks for the hike anyway - takes me back!
by ba9rn on Aug 30, 2010
Actually the Garmin 62st GPS was on the hike and did an excellent job. The serious issue I had with it on last week's hike was fixed by a beta firmware upgrade. It kept signal lock in the deep tree cover and was really very pleasant to use.
by sammydee on Aug 16, 2010
I take it no button pressing was undertaken on this hike ;-)
by antonyw on Aug 16, 2010
Sammydee, Thanks for the designated photographer and statistician!

As a bit of comparison, my Everytrail trip from last year shows considerably less elevation change (~2700 ft), but did not include coming down the easement from China Grade and our inadvertent "detour" on the easement section.

The weather was very mild. I think I drank only 1.5 liters during the hike, but was quite thirsty at the end and drank at least that much after the hike.
by AlphaRoaming on Aug 16, 2010
Trip Info
August 15, 2010
Trip Location: Pescadero, California, United States
Length: 17.7 miles
Duration: 8 hours
Activity: Geocaching
Trip viewed 3,091 times
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