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Franklin Pierce Pre-Orientation Wilderness Adventure Mountain Bike Route 2010 - New Hampshire, United States

by cartyd  
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4 day, 3 night mountain biking trip on a series of rail-trails in southern, NH, a portion of Winchendon, MA and near to the Vermont border.  Students tow bike trailers and add panniers to the bikes to carry group gear on old railroad beds converted to trails.  Upperclassmen student leaders are sure to keep the incoming students on the right trails (some of the old railway junctions lead deeper into MA and further northwest in NH.) All food and equipment is self-contained for the duration of the trip.  The terrain was great- nice gentle grades and lots of doubletrack where riders could converse side by side while riding.
Riding from Rindge into Winchendon is relatively straight forward.  Right over the MA State line there's a wetland area to ride through.  In late summer it's somewhat muddy- but in spring the water is up at least a foot- ridable- but you're going to get wet as you pedal through this 100 yard section.  Nearing the end of the ridable trail some of the railroad ties remain making for a bumpy ride for a short while.  When the trail comes up behind and old factory piled with wooden pallets it's time to turn right back onto Lincoln Ave.  Follow the light trail though the tall grass until you get to a dirt road.   Turn left on the road, follow it to pavement and look for the next section of trail up about a quarter mile on the right.   This trail heading into the woods is a little bony but easy enough for the average mountain biker.  It eventually drops back into the railbed but then quickly exits into a dirt road.  Follow the road staying to the right and renter the rail bed.  That's about it for detours and the trail head back across the State line into Fitzwilliam.  The section leading from the stone bridge in the Keene/Swanzey area off route 101 is over roads until it tracks back down across route 101 again towards Winchester, NH.   If you're not careful you'll end up on the Cheshire Rail-Trail to Walpole, NH, not the Ashuelot Rail-Trail to Hinsdale (the route we took).   There were at least a dozen trees across the trail after the old train depot in Hinsdale on your way to Dole Junction (next to route 63).   The trees required some tricky bushwacking complicated by the extra weight of trailers and panniers.
Trip Info
by cartyd
August 13, 2010
Trip Location: Rindge, New Hampshire, United States
Length: 56 miles
Activity: Mountain biking
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