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Cycling the length of The Rhine - Uri, Switzerland

by GeoffJones  
with a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
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A ride down one of Europe's longest rivers. The trail closely follows that given in books 1,2 & 3 of the excellent Bikeline Rhein-Radweg books. Note that the gps trail as shown is my actual un-edited ride so contains quite a few 'getting lost' bits plus I suspect some quite illegal manoveures, follow it at your own risk!

The ride is a mixture of roads, paved cycleways & dirt tracks. There are many deviations due to building works and you can expect more if the weather has been very wet.

It would be easy to do sections as the railway follows closely the length of the route.

I stayed at hotels, b&b's etc in Switzerland they were about 90CHF per night and in Germany about 55 Euro. There are many camping sites that looked quite crowded.

Take more time :-)
Cycling, biking, Rhein, rhine
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Comments (9)
can't wait
by tupper on Nov 21, 2013
Hi Geoff, amazing journey and congrats for completing in such a quick time. I am also looking to do the journey on a road bike, but from inital research (especially in Switzerland)it seems there are quite a few Kms of un-surfaced paths. What was your experience of this? Did you have to divert much from the Eurovelo 15 route? And were the un-surfaced routes esy to bypass? Thank you in advance for you expertise, as I want to avoid having to walk by bike 25km :) Jamie
by Calitrek on Jun 24, 2012
by southsider on Nov 08, 2011
Did you have any headwinds going in this direction?
by videodiver on Oct 24, 2010
Note to users - the loading is a little clunky. Probably the size or number of links. Just have patience. Worth watching....
by was on Jul 26, 2010
Chris - I'm must be a tad insane especially as the temperatures were in the thirties celsius (nineties Fahrenheit)
by GeoffJones on Jul 26, 2010
Wow, what a trip, and in 11 days!
by chris on Jul 26, 2010
Many thanks for the compliment - still recovering from my cracked/broken rib after my fall! Will get rid of the handlebar ends that caused it and get the nice handlebars I saw in Holland which turn back on themselves!
by GeoffJones on Jul 26, 2010
Holy cow Geoff - sorry I missed this one till now. This an impressive trip!!!!!!! wow!
by was on Jul 26, 2010
Trip Info
July 09, 2010
Trip Location: Andermatt, Uri, Switzerland
Length: 924 miles
Duration: 6 days
Activity: Road biking
Trip viewed 14,999 times

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