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Justin's Hike 1 - California, United States

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My first trip so far to Everytrail.com so I hope someone checks it out.  It has been one mf my favorite hikes I have ever done, one because it is beautiful all times of year and two, its EXTREMELY close to home for me.
  1. First bit of the hike (10-15mins) is pretty steep so be prepared and warmed up for that.
  2. Bring some water if its during the late spring or summer months.
  3. Watch primarily for snakes and bee's during spring and summer months.
  4. During winter months, you may not be able to complete this exact trail because of water, but there are plenty of spots where it crosses other trails that may offer a way out.
  5. Lot's of bikers so I don't think that headphones are a good idea unless you are good at keeping a good look behind you, especially for the last half because its mostly downhill and the bikers are going extremely fast.

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Comments (5)
Lovely hike near Santa Rosa/Sebastapol
by uman09 on Nov 15, 2013
Nice hike. Thanks.
by kozik on Apr 18, 2011
Just saw the review on LifeHacker. Love the site. Thanks for sharing your hike.
by ezycheez on Apr 16, 2011
Thanks for the positive review, we appreciate it. Looks like a nice hike!
by chris on Apr 16, 2011
Thanks for the review on Lifehacker. Planning on testing this out this wkend. Happy trails!
by timknight on Apr 16, 2011
Trip Info
May 13, 2010
Trip Location: Santa Rosa, California, United States
Length: 4.8 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 9,113 times
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