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Antenna Trail Loop - Montrose BC, Canada - British Columbia, Canada

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DATE: On Sunday, May 2, 2010, I headed out to document the Antenna Trail Loop and the Flag Viewpoint in the beautiful Village of Montrose BC, Canada.

Story By: Randy McCallum, Co-founder, Raven Cliff Media
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The Hike: The Antenna Trail is the pride and joy of a small village community about 11kms from Trail BC. The Antenna Trail winds it's way along the cliffs above the Montrose Cutoff above the Columbia River and follows the ridge down towards Waneta Mall area, then loops back towards the Village of Montrose. The village of Montrose is built on a mountain ledge leading to Beaver Valley. Because of its limited physical area, there is very little fluctuation in population.

Difficulty Rating: Easy to moderate trail 3.2 kms (loop return) from the trailhead just off 5th Avenue in Montrose to the farthest viewpoint and then back to the trailhead. If you are heading to the Flag viewpoint, the trail is moderate hike, and it will get your heart rate up.

Respect of Private Property: Sections of this well known trail may or may not intersect private land. Please be respectful of land owners, and leave no trace.

Trail Access: The Village of Montrose, 10 to 15 minutes from downtown Trail BC, Canada. Take the 5th Street left and turn past the Village Works station, down past the Church and then turn right and you'll see the wooden Trailhead awning building structure. Dog litter bags are provided for your pets.

Time: 1 1/2 to make the full loop of the Antenna Trail Loop. Plan for an extra hour to head up to the Flag Viewpoint, making it 2 1/2 hours depending on rest stops. Longer if resting at various viewpoints.

Distance: .3.5kms for the Loop, and 4.5 including the Flag Viewpoint

Access to other trails: None that I know about at this time.

Change in elevation: Vertical Up gain 531 metres Vertical Down: 392 metres

Description: Montrose is also the location of the "Antenna Trail" a 4 kilometre loop hiking trail that rises 250 metres above the village and affords spectacular views of the Beaver and Columbia Valleys. This trail is part of the Kootenay Columbia Trail system although it is not contiguous with the rest of the trails located near, and accessed from, nearby Rossland.

The Antenna Trail is popular because it is snow-free much earlier in the spring than the higher elevation trails, and has little if any mountain bike traffic.

The village and trail area shares its territory with a variety of native BC wildlife. Elk, Whitetail Deer, Black Bears, and Wild Turkeys are frequently spotted on Montrose Mountain, and occasionally within the village proper. Hummingbirds are attracted by the numerous feeders put out by residents, with at least 7 different species recorded.

Excellent  vantage point for wildlife viewing, bird-watching, wild turkeys and all sorts of wildlife make their home in this area.

This good workout trail is easy to moderate to hike any time of day. In the hot summer, parts of the trail can be hot but it is tree covered in many sections and nice breezes are almost always present. The trees cover sections of the trail and this will cool hikers down quickly. Carry spare water, plenty of sun screen and bug repellent.

Synopsis: I live in Sunningdale, and this trail is on my weekly hike schedule if I am not hiking any other trail. It is an excellent trail to hike when you have at least 3 hours. This is an enjoyable early morning or late afternoon hike, and the sunset views are spectacular, with views of Granite and Red Mountain ski-hill area, and the Seven Summits mountain range that makes up part of the Bonnington Range of the Selkirk Mountains.

Access: From the Trail Chamber of Commerce turn right onto Bailey Street and go across the bridge. Drive on Hwy 3B to the Village of Montrose and turn left on 5th Street. Drive down 5th Street past the Village Works Building and all the way past the Church and turn right.  Please be respectful of the neighborhood houses parking areas.

Trail-head: You will see the trail head up the bank on the right between the wooden structure and the house on the right. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow.


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Be bear aware, and watch for slippery areas when it has rained or after a rain.

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Hike documented by: Randy McCallum (Rusty) - co- founder - Raven Cliff Media, developers of ExploreYourTrail and Chamber! Answers

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photo 12 4and6 sold me on this trail!
by bushrat on Jun 21, 2010
Trip Info
May 02, 2010
Trip Location: Montrose, British Columbia, Canada
Length: 2.8 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 4,135 times
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