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Silver Comet Trail - Georgia, United States

by trailsnet  
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According to the literature, The Silver Comet is the longest paved trail in the U.S.

It is the ideal trail for a recumbent bike or just about any other bike for that matter.

I started my ride on a Thursday. I started in Smyrna, Georgia where I rented a recumbent bike. There were a few people on the trail, but the population diminished rapidly as I headed west. 

There's absolutely no chance of getting lost on this trail. Not only is it extremely wide and mostly concrete, but it is also well marked. For the first portion of the trail, there is a (mostly) separate path for equestrians, but I only saw a couple horseback riders.

One of the only bad aspects of the trail is the numerous road crossings. Trail users are required to stop at these crossings, and I strongly recommend caution. Many drivers seemed oblivious to the trail crossings and didn't slow down much at the trail intersections.

If you like the Silver Comet Trail, check out  another great rail trail, the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama. It connects to the Silver Comet Trail @ the Alabama/Georgia state line.
This is a great trail for recumbent bikes.
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trailsnet.com is an awesome website to find hiking trails, biking trails, horse trails, & inline skating trails
by trailsnet on Apr 05, 2010
Trip Info
March 18, 2010
Trip Location: Floyd, Georgia, United States
Length: 110 miles
Duration: 3 days
Activity: rail-trail
Trip viewed 1,300 times
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