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Cross Country 2007 - Day 5 - Texas, United States

by jjriders  
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We drove from Toledo Bend/Many to Plano. It’s nice to get into Texas. The drive was pleasant for a while but deteriorated quickly with crazy rain that lasted for hours. Humberto was in the gulf and the effects were already coming down on Texas.

The engine got wet and wouldn’t rev high, so we were stuck sputtering along at 60 for a while. I’m not sure what that was about - seems like either an electrical problem or water got sucked into the air intake. Between the deluge, the traffic, and now an unexplained engine problem, the day was a stressful one. Eventually engine problem cleared up and the Ulysses was running normally again.

We arrived in Plano exhausted, checked into a La Quinta and hung up everything that was wet (everything). We walked to the nearby Cycle Gear, where I got some helmet/motorcycle cleaner, a bottle of anti-fog spray, a pair of new handgrips, and a cramp buster. It’s been five days in a row of riding (more than I’ve ever done) and my hands were killing me. Hopefully the new equipment will help somewhat.

Zumo insisted there was a nearby Chilis, and we learned that Garmin’s data is not always to be trusted. Our other options being either IHOP or getting back on the bike, we eventually settled on a Bennigan’s near the hotel. Treating ourselves to a veggie burger, lots of beer, some ridiculously sweet gimmicky drinks, then dessert, only seemed like the right thing to do after what we’d been through that day.

Back at the room, Jamie did laundry in the tub while I cleaned the bike and helmets, repacked, adjusted the handlebars, put on the new handgrips, and talked to our neighbor for a bit. He was a friendly guy from Tulsa who reminded me of my stepfather.

It’s a nice room, though it’s scary how much Plano feels like Fort Lauderdale. It’s the beginning of our sad realization that most suburbia’s across the country have come to look incredibly similar.

(The original journal entry for this day was written two days later, on September 7)

Read about more of our travels at JJRiders.com!

motorcycle, Cross country, buell, ulysses, xb12x, two-up
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Trip Info
September 05, 2007
Trip Location: Toledo Bend to Plano, Texas, United States
Length: 255 miles
Duration: 8 hours
Activity: Motorcycling
Trip viewed 1,713 times
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