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Opal Creek Trail Hiking - Oregon, United States

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You walk on a small road that goes to the old mines in the mountains. About 2 miles in you can either go to the Opal Creek Trail or continue up the road to Jawbone Flats. Both ways will get you to Opal Creek, yes there's actually a very small community that lives at the top. The Opal Creek Trail is a moderate hike that goes about 2 miles and ends at Opal Pool. There you can walk across the bridge to Jawbones Flats and look at all the old mining equipment that is scattered all over the town. The trail continues for about another mile and you come to a bridge that is really a log laying over the creek. It says not to cross log but if you don't listen very well like myself, there's another mile of hiking. When you get to the HUGE tree that has the bark stripped off you know it's time to turn around. Definately want to see Jawbone Flats, there's some really old stuff that has a lot of history. Great hike!
Take North Fork all the way, turns into gravel road for the last 4 miles. Don't give up, the trail is really up there.
oregon hike, opal creek trail, Central Oregon
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Comments (2)
A few years ago there was a log laying over the creek with an Under Construction sign on it. Now it's a bridge. Glad you liked the hike!
by wizkid13 on Sep 14, 2013
Where is the log? Just curious I was up there last Thursday Sept 7th
by jeff.myers.5209 on Sep 08, 2013
Trip Info
February 21, 2010
Trip Location: Jawbone Flats (historical), Oregon, United States
Length: 10.4 miles
Duration: 5 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 3,451 times
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