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Big Basin Redwoods: Meteor Trail & Creeping Forest - California, United States

by liquidthex  
with a Garmin Colorado 400t
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Beginning and ending at Big Basin Redwoods State Park Headquarters we set out on skyline to the sea trail up north, shortly after the maddock cabin site you reach the meteor trail trailhead, meteor trail is a difficult trek steep upwards.
Once at the top you reach a fire road, a minor hike along the road and you will reach Ocean View Summit, which has an excellent view of the ocean in the distance. Go during clear skies!
Another short downhill hike from there and you'll reach the dool trailhead, you can just take this straight down to park HQ in pry about 15 minutes, but we opted to do the creeping forest trail (backwards), since the exit of creeping forest is pretty close to the top of dool trail (near the fire road).
Creeping forest was a very nice hike, I'd recommend it for beginners I think.. It was difficult for us but that's because it was at the end of the day.

Excellent trails, numerous things to see.
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Trip Info
February 20, 2010
Trip Location: Riverside Grove, California, United States
Length: 6.2 miles
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 2,729 times
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