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Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run - Kansas, United States

by Lightshooter  
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Trail Conditions on the 10 mile loop 02/11/10

26 degrees mostly cloudy at 9:27 am
Trail mostly snow covered ( about 2 inches) in places where the ground received little sunlight. 
The first 6.5 miles the ground was mostly frozen on this morning making for some ankle twisting footing in some areas but that I was guessing was better than mud. Rocky in places with some areas being a rocky, muddy combo...yikes!
The last few miles the sun had come out, it got above freezing and the mud started to be an issue. 
There were areas with good footing so one could look up from the trail instead of just looking were your next foot placement was going to be thank goodness.

So this is sort of a "before the race" report for the 03/13/10 Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run trail race. 
Well... being new to running, just started last July, I've just started looking for races I might enter for 2010. Surfing around the runLawrence website I came across the Psycho WyCo Run at Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas City, Kansas. It sounded brutal and after reading every race report from last year it just verified my initial gut feeling about the race....yes it sounded even more brutal.  Not that I'm a glutton for punishment this early in my adventures in running,  I was a little bummed that I was too late to enter the race for this year and to be more realistic my brand new trail running shoes aren't even broken in yet. After dreaming about the run last night though, I felt I had to drive over and give the trail a look and to just get it out of my system. I arrived about 9:30 am. This is really a beautiful area to run, steep rolling hills around a picturesque lake with views to the north of the Missouri river valley.

So I wouldn't be even tempted to run the course, I didn't bring my trail running shoes or running apparel but of course that doesn't stop me from trying once I get there. It's like the course is calling out to me, it will be fun it says, and before I know it I'm slowly jogging along the well marked course in my heavy boots I reserve for wearing in the mud. I'm thinking after the first mile that these boots aren't bad for running but after mile 2, I can feel a hot spot on both heels and I'm hearing that song in my head "These boots are made for walkin"  and decide I better start walking. 

I read about several people falling last year so I was aware about trying to be careful but in the moment it took me to pull my GPS out of my pocket I'd stepped on an icy patch covered by snow and down I went. I am graceful at falling and bounced right back up but vowed not to fall again.

I continued on though the "Triangle" area which turned out to be my favorite area. There was some Aboriginal art nailed to a tree and apparently some trail runner was put to rest nearby. Anyway a pair a running shoes and a hat were placed by the trail. I could tell I was getting blisters on my heels at this point and those trail shoes were looking pretty good but weren't my size so I carried on. 

As I near what is called Fell Down Hill I encounter my first mud chute. That's my term for where horses have carved out v shape gullies several feet deep on the bridal trails and I thanking the " Trail Gods" that it is not very muddy at this point. 

Fell Down Hill is impressive how quickly it takes you down about 200 feet. Looking at my Garmin elevation data chart at home it looked like I jumped of a cliff! 

What goes down , must come up, and in this case it's called Dam Hill or is damn hill. It is worth the climb for the nice view to the north.

After running on a paved surface for a bit it's back into the woods. It's getting warmer as the sun comes out and the ground started to thaw anywhere the sun hits it. I manage the west side of the course through some pretty muddy spots without falling and get back to the start/finish line in a blistering 2.7 mph pace. Well I did get blisters on my heels. 

As tough as this course is for a road runner like me, I'll be back next year for the real race! 

Happy Trails


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Trip Info
February 11, 2010
Trip Location: Loma Vista, Kansas, United States
Length: 9.7 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Trail running
Trip viewed 8,748 times
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