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Biketrip Donau Radweb (Passau - Linz - Wien - Bratislava) - Lower Austria, Austria

by Thailon  
with a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx
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27.08.2008 - 01.09.2008 Biketrip of 12 people from Passau (Germany) to Bratislava (Slovakia) through Linz and Wien (Austria).
Matejickova Andrea, Misovicova Andrea, Brostl Peter, Paluba Jan, Machcinik Milan, Kropuch Martin, Zis Dusan, Kropuchova Mata, Kovac Valer, Misovic Peter, Kinik Jan, Lenka

Day 1 : Passau -Pyrawang
dst 18.68, time 1:12, avg 15.2, max 39.1
Day 2 : Pyrawang - Linz, Pleschinger See
dst 87.75, time 4:17, avg 20.4, max 39.1
Day 3 : Linz, Pleschinger See - Granz
dst 97.5, time 4:37, avg 21.0, max 42.0
Day 4 : Granz - Zwentendorf an der Donau
dst 87.44, time 4:35, avg 19.0, max 34.0
Day 5 : Zwentendorf an der Donau - Petronell
dst 119.04, time 6:27, avg 18.4, max 36.7
Day 6 : Petronell - Bratislava
dst 41.17, time 2:41, avg 15.02, max 34.5

total distance : 451.58km

More photos in my photogallery.

Camping 1 - Pyrawang
Camping 2 - Linz, Pleschinger See
Camping 3 - Granz
Camping 4 - Zwentendorf an der Donau
Camping 5 - Petronell
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Comments (2)
Yes, we did bike one way. We used train to get in Passau, Germany. Then we continued to Bratislava, Slovakia.
by Thailon on Apr 06, 2011
What a fun looking trip. Did you bike one way and take a riverboat back?

Is this part of the Danube Cycle Route?

Pardon my geographic ignorance if it's not even close. (-:
by trailsnet on Apr 06, 2011
Trip Info
by Thailon
September 03, 2008
Trip Location: Lower Austria, Austria
Length: 6,925 miles
Activity: Road biking
Trip viewed 6,337 times
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