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Crypt Lake Trail, Waterton Lakes NP - Alberta, Canada

by xc_nomad  
with a Garmin Colorado 400t
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The most famous hike in Watertons Lake NP. You have to reach the trailhead by ferry boat, so you are limited in your time cause there is only one one boat in the morning to get you over the see and another in the evening to get you back. In the high season there are two boats in the morning or in the evening to get all the hikers across to this popular and beautiful hike.

So due to the arriving by boat the hike is more or less a group event and not suited for hikers searching solitude of the canadian mountains. Nevertheless a hike that is worth doing it and it was selected to the best canadian hike of the year somewhen back in the 80s.

The hike itself starts with moderate climbing, then passes to a valley and in the end goes steep up in the mountains of Watertons Lake NP where you finally reach the Crypt Lake by climbing up a ladder and crawling a natural tunnel what makes it really adventurous. You can surround the lake ounce you reached it and my GPS showed me that the south side of the Lake is already US area. So this is one of the little opportunities where you can step over the US border without leaving your fingerprints and pictures to the US homeland security.
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Comments (2)
Hope to do this hike at the end of August.
by P40whk on May 01, 2013
very nice

by was on Oct 08, 2009
Trip Info
September 18, 2009
Trip Location: Twin Butte, Alberta, Canada
Length: 12.2 miles
Duration: 7 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 7,918 times
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