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GoldBug hot springs - Idaho, United States

with a Magellan Triton 400
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Certainly one of the most beautiful hot springs in Idaho.

I spotted this hike about a year ago and I finally decided with my wife to go and do it. After a 3 hours drive from Idaho Falls, going through the desert, beautiful mountains range and a sweet little canyon, we arrived at the trail head just before sunset. Quite a few cars are already there and we get on the trail as fast as possible.

The hike itself is not too hard but get steep over the last half mile. I would recommend to be in "quite good" physical condition to do it. The landscape is plain gorgeous and goes in concert with the sound of water. Then after the fourth bridge you arrive at the spring. Which are multiple little pool of pristine bath tub warm water with amazing waterfalls and vegetation.

We watched the sun finishing setting over the mountains all around us  while soaking and enjoying every minutes of it. When we started seeing stars in the sky we decided it was time to go. The headlamp was usefull while leaving the spring and at the end of the trail but otherwise we did it in the dark. On the way back we crossed three parties climbing and blinding us with their lights.
If you want to go there, remember that it's a beautiful and almost pristine area. Please, please keep it that way by staying on the trail, respecting nature, picking up all you trash and other's trash, taking great care of the springs, not overusing it and respecting others who are soaking.

Restrooms are available at the trail head and in the middle of the hike.

The trail is not indicated from highway 93 but I put a waypoint where the roads connect.
Also be aware that a lot of people who enjoy soaking in those springs, enjoy doing it naked.

Finally, camping is not allowed 500ft around the springs. But their is beautiful camp spots available for backpackers along the trail. Be respectful of the environment and carry everything with you (no vehicules can get there). If you want to do car camping, there is an RV campground at Elk Bend (a minute after passing the road that lead to the trailhead.
I didn't know about the camping along the trail. So we went camping at Royal Gorge Resort, RV park. It is 15 miles before the trailhead (going from Ellis to Salmon) and is truly a great campsite I would recommend. 
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Trip Info
September 12, 2009
Trip Location: Elk Bend, Idaho, United States
Length: 3.8 miles
Duration: 3 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 19,147 times
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