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Makawao Forest- Kahakapao Trail - Hawaii, United States

by motuman  
with Trails
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The road the leads to this hike will dead end at a marked gate. Just park on the side of the road and enter through the gate on foot.

This is a great trail for hiking or mountain biking! We brought our dogs, and this hike is very dog friendly. Just remember lots of water for the pups

The only bummer is the very steep, asphalt road for the first half mile of the hike.

There is a downhill mountain bike trail the you can use as an alternate to hiking up and down the asphalt service road. I would recommend trail over the road.

At the top of the service road is a gravel parking lot. This is the beginning of the trail that leads to the 5.2 mile Kahakapao Loop. We stayed to the left down the service road to view the Makawao Water Treatment Plant and the man made lake.

Hike up around the right of the lake and you will find a trail that leads back to  Kahakapao Loop.

The loop has a picnic tables of the east and west sides of the trail. We stopped for an hour at the top of the loop to rest in our hammocks and eat some food.

After the hike, head back down into Makawao town for some good lunch or breakfast. I recommend the Fresh Market Bistro.
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Comments (2)
It was a great trail to run.mountain bikes have tore it up and going off trail.at 65 I still run it twice a week.you now have to pay close attention now to not get off on a bike trail.Still a beautiful find on Maui. Robb
by robertebaron on Jul 30, 2012
BEST. TRAIL. RUN.... EVER! I trail run and hike regularly in the beautiful Boulder, CO; Hudson Valley, NY and Connecticut River Valley MA/VT areas and this run/hike is on the top 3 list. Great footing, beautiful changing scenery, dog friendly, shady, breezy. Just absolutely epic. Did it twice in one week and will definitely return regularly on future trips to Maui. Swing through Maui Kombucha in nearby Haiku for post hike/run fuel!

*There is now a new parking area which elminates the hike in on the paved road.*

by teecup on Jan 24, 2012
Trip Info
by motuman
August 29, 2009
Trip Location: Makawao, Hawaii, United States
Length: 6.1 miles
Duration: 5 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 38,103 times
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