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Stairway to Heaven, Hawai'i - Hawaii, United States

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 - John, Seg, & Fern

Nearly 2800 feet (850m) & about 3,922 steps, now its your turn ...

Stairway to Heaven (Haiku Stairs) is an amazing trail that leads to the top of the Koolau Mountain Range. Originally built for the U.S. Coast Guard, the trail consists of a metal stairway that was made to access the LORAN radio antenna and the now out of commission OMEGA Station. It fell into disrepair and was closed to the public in 1987. Since then it has undergone major repairs in the hopes of being re-opened, but is still  closed, mainly due to small but vocal opposition from the people in the town of Haiku. Illegal hikers are the cause of this opposition. They have parked their cars on private property and behaved disrespectfully.  Currently the hike is under armed guard, but hikers still manage to sneak in. Opening the trail would allow everyone to appreciate the amazing beauty of this unusual and extremely beautiful hike.

1) Pace yourself
2) Arrive early 5-5:20a to avoid the guard (should arrive between 6-7a).  The hike up is better in the cool morning air rather than against the afternoon sunny heat.
3) Bring a couple of snacks (granola bars, fruit)
4) One Liter of water was enough there and back
5) Wear hiking shoes and gloves (i.e. workout gloves)
6) May bring a mini head light for the 1st 30minutes, until the sunrise breaks through
7) Clothing : wear light attire, will get chilly towards the top.  an extra sweater over your shirt is helpful.  hiking cargo pants are nice for those who want to avoid those little annoying scratches and still have the ability to prop them up into shorts if it gets too warm
8) May want to keep an extra pair of clothes in the car
9) Pace yourself
10) Bring a cell
11) Have a blast ! 

Stairway to Heaven (Haiku Stairs)
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Trip Info
July 30, 2009
Trip Location: Pū‘ōhala Village, Hawaii, United States
Length: 2.8 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 48,487 times
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