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Steep Rock Reservation - Connecticut, United States

by timja979  
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Once a private vacation spot for women during the turn of the century from New York City...now a preservation... CT owned.   One serious playground.  An old train tressel used to run through, which was how the girls got to the Rossiter's estate.   If you follow the bridal path down Tunnel Rd. you can find the old tunnel.  Very cool.  If you follow the West side of the Shepaug, you will find more difficult terrain and more trails to follow.  On the same side, you will eventually end up at the Hauser Footbridge.  Follow the yellow trailblazers up to the summit,  Watch out though, there are many side trails that lead up to the top, make sure you are on the right one back down.  Enjoy, just as beautiful in the Winter,
East side- very easy......  West side- more difficult.
Washinton Depot, Steep Rock
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Took the wife and kids (boy 6yo and girl 4yo) yesterday hoping to get out on some unfamiliar ground and maybe spark some interest in the great outdoors. This is a very nice place for a day hike and we found that there are some primitive camp sites available as well. The yellow circle trails on the opposite side of the tunnel road offer a mild to moderate challenge with regard to hill climbing. We made it to the "summit" in about an hour (remember 4yo on board) and followed the yellow circle blazes to the green circle trail opposite the tunnel road. The trails are well maintained and very well marked. There are no maps available at the trailhead so it might be worth printing out a copy if you are directionally challenged. Otherwise, as long as you stick to your blazes and have a general understanding of the terrain it would be difficult to get lost.

If you type in the address into google for the Steep Rock assn. you will not be able to find this hidden treasure. We had to ask a young man on a bike how to get there, but the fact is that Washington Depot isn't that large and if you are in the center of town you are only 3/4mile away from the trailhead.

Beautiful place, quiet, and well maintained. No toilets, garbage cans or maps (not a complaint, just the facts).

Will go again!
by mds30br on Aug 04, 2013
I will try this when the weather gets warmer :)
by oshoshany on Feb 18, 2013
Trip Info
August 11, 2009
Trip Location: Washington Depot, Connecticut, United States
Length: 5.1 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 25,393 times
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