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Crab Creek Trail to Deep Creek - California, United States

by Leighton  
with a Garmin Oregon 400t
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Robinson calls Hike number 13, Upper Deep Creek in his book, San Bernardino Mountain Trails. To get to the trailhead you drive a good five miles on forest service dirt roads and ford Crab Creek at Crab flats. There was still a lot of water crossing the road, so a vehicle with good clearance is highly recommended. The trailhead is well marked (2W07) and the trail itself is very well maintained. The only surprise was that Robinson’s description of “a forest rich with Jeffrey and Coulter pines and several varieties of oak” was made before a fire came through and devastated the side of the hill we descended. The views on this trail were spectacular, the wildflowers were gorgeous, and you witness firsthand nature recovering from a devastating fire. Bring plenty of sunscreen since the only shade is in the areas surrounding Crab Creep and Deep Creek. Oh yeah, bring the bug repellant as the gnats were relentless near the water when the wind wasn’t blowing.


Here is a description of the trail from the San Bernardino National Forest Website:


Crab Creek / Fisherman's Camp 2W07 - (2.29 miles, moderately difficult) - This trail begins 1.3 miles west of Crab Flats Campground on Forest Service Road 3N34; Crab Creek Trail provides the primary access to Fisherman's Camp (a group reservation trail camp) on Deep Creek. The trail descends moderately westward crossing Crab Creek 1.3 miles from Deep Creek. Deep Creek must be forded to reach Fisherman's Camp. Attempting to cross Deep Creek when it is running high can be dangerous. The scenery along this trail is exceptional; Camping at Fisherman's Camp is by group permit only.

There is little shade on this hike, so bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water.
Upper Deep Creek, Crab Creek
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Trip Info
July 05, 2009
Trip Location: Green Valley Lake, California, United States
Length: 4.7 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 6,000 times
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