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Lost Maple State Natrual Area - Texas, United States

by packdaddy777  
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Very nice place. I hear it's even prettier in the fall when the leaves change. Full of hills valleys canyons, and small natural springs. Water in the creeks and river was very low, but thanks to many springs they weren't dry. The views are great and the winds on the hill top are life savers in summer. Wild life is all around and it's not to crowded. I went with my older son and two of our smaller dogs. The trails are challenging for beginners but manageable. We completed all the trails in 2.5 days.
Backcountry camping is available at eight sites, A thru H. We stayed at site G in a valley near a spring about a 5 minuet walk away. We visited all the sites and found people in two of them; site A and site H. Best sites to stay in order of my preference as follows: #1 - Site B Pros:Large hard wood trees provide adequate shade and the constant breeze is great. Water was not far away compared to some of the other sites. A compost toilet also a camp site A. Cons: Even though the water is close it is still .5 mile away and down a very steep hill, and you have to get it from camp site A at the ponds. It may get a bit windy at night. #2. Site G Pros - Closest site to running spring water. When the creek is flowing you can camp right on the water. The area is one of furthest places to get to, so you don't get too many visitors. It's in a valley so your protected from strong winds for the most part. Cons: Not much to look at and the valley makes getting a light breeze very hard. Watch out for the mosquitoes after sunset. No large trees, only small trees and shrubs for cover. #3. Site E Pros: On a hill so nice breeze in the day. good view, and very close to a toilet. This is were we saw some deer. Cons: no water in the area. Very steep climb to pack water into. May get windy at night.
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lost maples entire
by mw.student on Nov 13, 2012
This was a wonderful place to hike! My brother and I managed to hike the entire park covering I believe every trail in one sweep making for a decently long day hike. We also made out way to garner state park close by and did the majority of the trails offered there as well. Great scenes, and no real strains with the exception of the initial mile and a half when you start to climb the first cliff top to get to the "toilet on a hill with plenty of TP".
by reptileexperts on Dec 10, 2009
Trip Info
June 19, 2008
Trip Location: Vanderpool, Texas, United States
Length: 12.7 miles
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 9,284 times
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