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Unseeable Listening device

by loveal8  
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100 % Invisible Listening device Starkey Soundlens

Starkey has created the first custom, completely unnoticeable, fully programmable electronic hearing aid called the Soundlens. The new Soundlens is positioned so deep in the ear canal it could not be seen. Just what's so amazing regarding this product is that it includes first-rate innovation.

Soundlens provides:.

Industry-leading responses assassin 16 networks and 16 bands for high-resolution sound imaging. A distant function that permits clients to adjust amount and memories making use of a basic touch-tone phone.

Broad fitting array with as much as 60 dB of genuine ear assisted gain Voice intelligence noise decrease and speech prevention device, which utilizes powerful voice identification combined with a spectral sound control that figures out ideal approach a each stations basis supplying extraordinary sound top quality.

Makes use of the ear's acoustics for natural sound high quality.

Custom-made in shape item to the patients specific hearing necessities.

Ear Wellness.

Unlike other deep insertion hearing aids which need to be inserted by an audiologist (such as the Verse) Soundlens can be placed or removed by the person at anytime. This not just markets ear health, it likewise enables the person to take out the hearing aid when showering or swimming. I don't know concerning you however I such as to clean my ears when I bath!


Most individuals take their hearing helps off at night to sleep, as it perhaps hard to sleep when you could listen to everything. When the Lyric or various other deep insertion hearing help is transformed off it is like having ear plugs in. With the Soundlens the person can remove the hearing aid at night and still have their organic hearing.


Not only does the Soundlens have superior digital modern technology it includes a considerably smaller sized price. The Soundlens is priced at $6,995 and will last approximately 5 years. The Verse on the other hand which makes use of analog innovation amounts to $3,600 annually. Over a 5 year duration the price to have the Verse would certainly be $18,000.

The Soundlens is the best undetectable listening device on the market today! Where various other companies have created analog requirement fit hearing aids, Starkey has produced a product that has remarkable technology, prices much less, and advertises ear wellness.

siemens imini iic

Manufacturers of listening device are constantly trying to find a brand-new way to attract more patients. Among one of the most recent is the development of the " Unnoticeable Hearing Aid", Siemens imini, which is likewise about to be launched under a different name, Wow!. Developing much more cosmetically enticing listening device has been leading on the to do list of many manufacturers, and Siemens imini is certainly that. Due to the fact that it fits deep inside your ear canal merely prior to your eardrum, you actually could not see it. Is it truly a excellent suggestion or will it be a passing craze? The favorable aspects of these assistances are that they are definitely little and could not be seen. You wear them 1 Day a day, so you don't have to take them out (you could transform them off). There are no individual controls, so they are quite easy to use. They supposedly have descent sound top quality and can be programmed on a pc to your hearing loss.
ReSound Verso iic, starkey soundlens, invisible hearing aids, phonak Nano iic
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by loveal8
May 25, 1972
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Activity: Walking
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