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Half Dome Hike Yosemite Park - California, United States

by joost  
with a Garmin Forerunner 305
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Finally... after 4 years in California I had a chance to do the classic Half Dome Hike!We started early, 5.45 AM, went up via the Mist Trail, and got on top 9.30 AM. There was hardly anyone (only one other hiker on top, passed a couple more on the way up).On the way down the herds were coming up, so we were glad we started that early. The way down via the John Muir Trail was quick.
The final part with the cables was a bit slippery, but with some care it's a safe and quick ascend. Bring gloves to hold the cables (btw there were gloves down at the cables).
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Comments (8)
Love this hike! I can even put aside the crowd factor for this one. :)
by Gonnadiehiking on Jun 07, 2011
We just back from Half Dome this past weekend. Left early in the morning with a full moon but the trail was still tough to find in some locations. Thanks to your GPS coordinates, was able to find the trail again. Great hike and thanks for your post.
by alantakushi on Sep 25, 2010
Great photos--very helpful in my prep for the hike this summer. Thanks!
by LagunaHiker on Apr 29, 2010
Great photos--very helpful in my prep for the hike this summer. Thanks!
by LagunaHiker on Apr 29, 2010
Looking at your photos over the cables down to Half Dome's 'shoulder', I've always regreted never getting that shot from my own trip. ****** My fear of heights probably won't let me do that trip again, but I have enough other photos and great memories. ******
by ace_sierra on Jun 05, 2009
Spectacular views, hope to see Yosemite some day.
by jimlarkey on Mar 07, 2009
Back in August 1993 I went up Half Dome taking the same route as you did, that was before the age of digital cameras and GPS units. Thanks for sharing!

Tip: I had a 10-foot piece of rope and a carabiner which I tied around my waist to secure myself in the cables section, highly suggested for safety in case of traffic in that section.
by ant1606 on Jan 12, 2009
What is the GPS coordinates of The Little Spring at 7228 feet????
by Trocken on Aug 26, 2008
Trip Info
by joost
May 28, 2008
Trip Location: Curry Village, California, United States
Length: 16.3 miles
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 33,583 times
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