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Arillas Trail in Corfu Greece - Ionian Islands, Greece

by arillas  
with a Garmin eTrex 10
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A Sign -posted walking trail that starts at Arillas Beach between Thalassa restauant and Kostas On the Beach Taverna along the Arillas Stream, up to the bridge after the bakery and then all the way to the olive-groves of the Agricultural area of our village. It leads in to areas that have not been easily accessed by visitors until today as there have not been any signs of orientation. Walking through this trail you will be able to observe Arillas from a different point of view in a fantastic environment of plants and trees where time has stopped many years ago. The roads that you will see are created mainly in order to access everyone’s harvest for transporting it to the local olive press. There are no buildings but the only signs of modern civilization are the nets that are used to collect the olives. The trail ends at the Corfu Microbrewery where you can stop for a free beer sample and guided tour inside or keep going till the beach again. This project will not be the only one. We have future plans for creating a whole network of such signed paths where you will be able to walk under the shade of our over 400 years old olive trees even until Sidari. Just follow the red and white signs as below and enjoy.
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Trip Info
by arillas
May 26, 2013
Trip Location: Arillas, Ionian Islands, Greece
Length: 5.3 miles
Duration: 3 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 3,330 times
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