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2013-02-27 Up to Ruins of Susita - Northern District, Israel

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I've been wanting to climb up to Susita for sometime now. Today I had the time and it was a deliciously beautiful day. Hiking up the steep inclines I was again amazed at the ancient people who would build a city on a hill like that and climbing up and downwithout cars or modern roads. These were tough people back then - including Jesus and his disciples. 
Susita was one of 10 cities in the Greek Decapolis. The progression of ownership went from the Greeks to the Maccabees to the Romans to the Byzantine (Catholics) and ultimately to the Muslims before it collapsed in an earthquake in the 700s.
We remember Jesus here when we read Mark 5:20, "Then the man went off and began to proclaim in the Decapolis what Jesus had done for him; and all were amazed."
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I'm planning a visit to Susita and this was exactly what I was looking for...much better, actually! Thanks so much for posting this. My first exposure also to EveryTrail...I'm going to get it.
by stanmaughan on Oct 03, 2013
Trip Info
February 27, 2013
Trip Location: ‘En Gev, Northern District, Israel
Length: 5.7 miles
Duration: 3 hours
Activity: Hiking
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