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Black Creek Reservoir - LBJ Grasslands - Texas, United States

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Black Creek Reservoir Trailhead (north-west of Fort Worth).  We hiked 10 miles with one resting break and one lunch break.  It was a loop so we ended back at the parking lot and camped near-by.  

This was our first hike with other dogs.  There had to be at least a dozen dogs on the hike and five in our camp.  I kept Arya on a pretty tight leash for the first mile of the trip. After a while, I let her leash drag behind us and used my walking sticks to remind her that she isn't supposed to pass me when we are hiking.  After a while she was doing good enough that other dogs could pass us or we could pass them and she managed to get past without a quick butt sniff.  I had to call her name often to remind her not to get ahead of me but at the end of the trail she was walking behind me.  This morning on our quick one mile solo hike she followed behind me without a leash.

She was carrying 11 pounds (her water & food and 1 1/2 liters emergency water for me).  I left my tent, sleeping bag, & pad at the base camp so I was carrying 37 pounds.

This is an easy trail with gradual inclines and lots of flat ground.  Really nice for walking with friends.  There is water available but it has to be purified.  There are bathrooms at the trail heads but there are NO trashcans so everything has to be packed out.  

The established campsites were a bit trashed.  One of the people in my group brought a big black trashbag and stayed behind after we left to pick up trash.  I was camped out in the woods and still managed to get an armful of trash around my little area.

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Trip Info
February 02, 2013
Trip Location: Decatur, Texas, United States
Length: 10.3 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Backpacking
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