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Fairy Falls & Dry Creek Loop - California, United States

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The two large waterfalls at the end of the hike make this moderately easy trek well worth the time. The trail traverse is forests and meadows. The trail is especially attractive in spring when wildflowers abound. The destination is Upper and Lower Fairy Falls on Dry Creek.  The falls are also known by the names Beale Falls or Shingle Falls.

The route shown in this trail guide follows the Spenceville Road and then the Upper Fairy Falls Trail to Upper Fairy Falls. After visiting the Upper Falls the route goes to Lower Fairy Falls. The return route passed by two more small waterfalls on Dry Creek before connecting back with an old.  After about 0.4 miles on the old road, the route veers off onto a trail follows Dry Creek back to Spenceville Road. Then the route retraces the first 0.4 mile of the  Spencerville Road  back to the trail head.
Moderately Easy route due to trail length and some very minor rock scrambling during the last section of the trail.

Note: This is a totally different Dry Creek than is shown in my other Dry Creek Trail guides.
Fairy Falls, beale falls, Shingle Falls, spenceville, road, Camp Far West, california
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Super Hike! Highly recommended!
by nationalparklover on Feb 11, 2013
Trip Info
May 12, 2012
Trip Location: Grass Valley, California, United States
Length: 4.6 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 4,202 times
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