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San Fran Blazing Loop Ride over Golden Gate - California, United States

with a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
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We Left the Car at home.

Went VTA plus CalTrain to San Fran  (4+13.50 = 17:50)  Roughly 20 Bucks round trip.

You would have paid that on Parking up there anyways.

Or Blow the money on something else...

VTA is going Paperless soon, So go Clipper Cash Value card &

Don't forget to Tag/Badge ON  VTA  &  ON/OFF CalTrain


We Love the People Watching and general fun of getting out and about.

Amazing what is around our own back yard.  Amazing area we live in.

Get out from behind that desk or that all white work area.


We Checked out some nice Elecric Bikes from Len Rogers place 

A  Very Personal Showroom. 

Elecrtric Bicycle Outlet


660 Bryant Street

Suite B

San Francisco,

CA 94107


Phone Number: 415 978 9664  

Cellular Number: 415 272 5545

GREAT Place.   Call him for an appointment.


Dropped my Powershot 650 Camera and distroyes it on this ride.

One thing is... It took some Great Shots, Just before it's death.

It Dropped down from my safety straps into the bike's spokes and distroyed itself.

Have a $150.00  SX150 Replacement on it's way to replace it, Direct from Cannon Customer Loyalty Program.  at 1-866-443-8002   Nice People too.


Lost a good Camera, but a better one coming, and meet a great Electric Bike Guy. Will be getting a new E Bike Soon.  


We forgot to appply Sunblock and both got BURNT bad, with Sun and Breeze.

Very Sun Sick by the time we both got home.


Ride Safe

Steve and Sandy  

We love ya all.

Be Careful Out There.  


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Trip Info
May 01, 2012
Trip Location: Agnew, California, United States
Length: 120 miles
Duration: 11 hours
Activity: Mountain biking
Trip viewed 1,286 times
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