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Cherry Canyon Ride - California, United States

by kc6hur  
with a iPhone 4
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While This track was taken during the pre-ride, it was the same ride used for the Corral 20 Cherry Canyon ride 2 weeks later. Most of the photos were taken during the pre-ride; however, some were added during the actual ride.

The Cherry Canyon Ride started out in Hahamongna Watershed Park (a.k.a. Oak Grove Park) in Pasadena, just below the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The trail goes south towards Devil's Gate Dam, crosses under Oak Grove Drive and I-210 where it then travels up Flint Canyon and creek. The trail eventually shifts to traveling between houses and abandoned stables of home along Berkshire and other streets on La Canada-Flintridge. The trail are used only for hiking and horseback riding. There is much tree cover and even on hot days is quite comfortable with cool breezes. It is just so sad seeing all of the abandoned stables. There was only one barn with 3 horses in it on the entire trip.

Once Cherry Canyon is reached, the tree cover pretty much disappears, except for a couple of areas (which were not traveled). This is where the climbing started. From Chevy Chase to Hampstead, the trail took a steep climb but still tree covered. Once Hampstead was crossed, there were basically no more trees. The climb became a steady up hill but not very steep until we hit the Cero Negro Trail which took us the rest of the way to the top. We did not go top the very top where the old fire watch tower is located. On the pre ride, visibility was fair; however, on ride day, very hazy.

We went down the "Ulitmate Destination Trail" to a picnic table a couple hundred feet beyond the "Ulimate Destination" where we had lunch.

After lunch, we continued down the Ultimate Destination trail to where we originally picked up the Cero Negro Trail and headed back to the base camp.
Beware of the Owl Trail. I took that once a long time ago and had to walk my horse up it. It has not improved over the years and appears to be pretty washed out.
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Trip Info
by kc6hur
April 08, 2012
Trip Location: Pasadena, California, United States
Length: 8.6 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Horseback Riding
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