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Bear Mountain Hike - Harrison Hot Springs - British Columbia, Canada

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To get to the Bear Mountain trailhead travel 4.9 kilometers from the four way stop in Harrison down Lillooet Ave and the Rockwell Drive.  You will see a gravel/grassy driveway on your right with an old chain link gate.  Above the gate there is a "Mining Act" warning sign that tells you not to enter.  The mining company has long ago vacated the area; park your car making sure not to block any driveways and begin your walk up the old service road.

After passing the old mining office, you reach the proverbial fork in the road, take the trail to the right.  Along this path you will pass several small waterfalls as a well as gain a great view of both Harrison Lake and the Harrison River.  This is a long grinding hike but rewards you at the top of the mountain with a wonderful view of the fraser valley and fraser river.

The trail is long and difficult and in some places a little overgrown.  Keep looking for flagging tape at crossroads and always take the trail most traveled.
The trickiest part is finding the trail head it is not marked but when you find the warning sign for a mining area (long since deactivated) you are at the right place.
harrison hot springs, bear mountain
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When you first leave your car, you walk about 50 metres before the trail splits. To the right is a chain with lots of flagging tape on it that says "private property" or something similar... we thought that this was the way to the old mining office... it is not - it is somebody's property!!! (Also, beware that some 'helpful' soul has put flagging tape straight up next to the gate - good luck if you head up that way!) Turn left at this first intersection and after about 5 minutes, the trail turns to the right and the old mining office is still there.

The trail follows an old logging road until close to the top. After you pass a small lake on the right (about 3 hours in), watch out for the turn to the left about 20 minutes later.

Note that the trail can take 5-6 hours... we normally come in under the quoted time, so we were surprised when we did not reach the top until about 3.30 hours later - we presumed the duration was return! It is not!
by swissmant on Sep 25, 2013
Its a long, grinding hike but the old forest on the top of the mountain and final view make it worth it.
by TourismHarrison on Apr 09, 2012
Trip Info
September 06, 2011
Trip Location: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
Length: 5.9 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 6,269 times
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