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Wild Horses on Bonanza Trail - Nevada, United States

by swuastra  
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My son and I drove up to Cold Creek to hike the Bonanza Trail. It was a beautiful
Memorial Day  weekend and we decided to try this trail which we hoped would be less crowded. We were not disappointed. We had the trail to ourselves except for the wild horses. We had heard stories about the wild horses that roam free in the Spring Mountain Range, but thought the chances of seeing them were slim.
While driving along the gravel road heading west out of Cold Creek my son excitedly told me to stop and look to the north. We couldn't believe our eyes when herd of horses were heading in our direction. Our excitement turned to elation when the horses grazed up towards us and crossed the road right in front of us. A sturdy young stallion was starring agressivly at us. A spotted mustang posed to our left we could imagine the indian mounted on this magnificient animal.

After seeing the wild horses, the hike seemed to be an after thought. After we hit the trail we were began enjoying this superb trail as it climbs up to Bonanza Peak. Cresting the ridge to the peak we are rewarded with a unique view of Mt. Charleston, looking at the north side of the mountain. We relaxed for a while ate or lunch, enjoying the cool air. The peak at an elevation over 12000 feet offers outstanding views of the area.

On our return trip, we found the remants of a snow drift that was over 10 feet high, remarkable for may. As we decended we sensed this erie feeling of being watched. I was kidding my son it was indians, but felt something myself. As we rounded the last switch back only 1000 feet from our truck we both realized what was watching us. The WILD HORSES! The stallion had enough of our trespassing in his domain and charged full speed right towards us. We ran for the cover of the truck and made it  just in time. He stopped right next to the truck, he was so close I could feel his breath as he snorted, scraped his hoof in the ground, and shook his head and trotted off.

The Bonanza Trail lived up to its name giving us a once in a life time hike.
The gravel Camp Bonanza Road was accessable with a two wheel drive high clearance vehiclle. There is a secluded campsite at the end of the road near the trail head.

The hike is moderate with an elevation gain of over 3,000 feet. No water sources along the trail.

bonanza trail, wild horses, mustang, cold creek, Hiking
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Trip Info
May 29, 2004
Trip Location: Cold Creek, Nevada, United States
Length: 4.6 miles
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 1,130 times
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