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Wilder Ranch State Park Hike - California, United States

by JoergDHS  
with a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx
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This hike explores much of Wilder Ranch State Park. We pass by the ranch house, climb the grassland and oaks across Hwy 1, hike through redwood groves and descend to Four Mile Beach. From Four Mile Beach we walk over beaches and cliffs back to our cars.

We see plenty of birds like pelicans along the coast.  Sea lions, harbor seals and sea otters can be seen as well. One time, we saw a sea otter with a pup on her belly.

We offer this hike every year in September and since 2011 also in May.

There is some Senecio elegans growing at the beaches, an invasive plant from South Africa that is unfortunately spreading along the Central Coast.
Our  hikes are open to the public and free of charge; a liability waiver needs to be signed. Wear layered clothing, bring lunch and water. Our last hike was September 17, 2016.
Wilder Ranch, Sierra Club, Loma Priata Chapter, Dayhiking Section
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Trip Info
May 19, 2012
Trip Location: Santa Cruz, California, United States
Length: 17.3 miles
Duration: 7 hours
Activity: Hiking
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