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Sandy Cove/ Whippoorwill Point - British Columbia, Canada

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Leaving from the Harrison Resort the easiest trailhead is found 30 metres past the hot springs source on the left hand side.  A short switch-back will take you to the main trail that climbs the mountain.  The first 150 metres are the most difficult. After reaching the first plateau you will have a great view of Harrison Lake.  As you turn back from the view to the trail it appears to head right, around the massive rock in front of you, in fact the actual trail forks off to the left climbing the hill on this left side.  This is a short, hand over foot climb (fairly difficult and you should have good shoes) for maybe 25 metres.  Once you reach the top the rest of the hike is comparatively straightforward.  Follow the trail as it winds its way around the mountain until you hit a “T” junction at the bottom of a hill.  Head right to get to Sandy Cove.

Sandy Cove offers a great little secluded beach and is the perfect spot for lunch.  

Head back if you have had enough or continue along the beach and at the far end you will pick up the Whippoorwill point trail.  Another 300 metres will bring you to Whippoorwill point.  Keep your eyes open as it can be difficult to spot as it is somewhat overgrown.  Whippoorwill point is a is rock out cropping that marks the entrance to the Harrison River. Back on the trail, you will follow the Harrison River until the trail brings you back to the original “T” where you originally turned right.  Turn right back up the hill and head back the way you came to the Village.
There are two paths to start the hike, one behind the yellow cement hot spirngs source building and one further up the gravel road on your left hand sides just before the road ends in front of the wire fence gates.
The only really tricky part of this hike is after the first climb to the lookout over Harrison Lake.  Be sure to climb the rock bluff on the left hand side (if you are facing the bluff with the lake behind you.
Sandy cove, Whipperwill Point, harrison hot springs
Trip Info
September 04, 2011
Trip Location: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
Length: 1.5 miles
Duration: 39 minutes
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 5,165 times
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