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Tea Pot - Dead Horse Caves - Idaho, United States

by Elindio42  
with a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx
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Gary B., Gary P., and I met at the Stage Stop on Hwy. 84 east of Boise and trailered to the starting point just off Hwy. 26 near Bliss, Idaho. 

After unloading, the first stop was at a partially frozen waterfall on the "Y" Canal.

On the way to the Tea Pot or Tea Kettle Cave we stopped at a smaller cave next to the trail. 

Arriving at the Tea Pot, we entered it by climbing down the spout. Spelunking, photographing, and videoing were done. A geocache was also found.

Next stop was the Dead Horse Cave where a lot of spelunking was done. The main cave is about 100 yards in length and 50 - 60 feet wide in places.  The entrance has concrete steps and cement benches have been constructed on both sides of the cave. Who did it or for what purpose the benches were made is not known by us.

Gary P. walked and crawled through several hundred yards of secondary caves that were once connected to the main cave. The cave roof has collapsed at several points along the route he explored. 

A geocache was also found.

Heading out to the Hole in the Wall Cabin we passed Bray Lake and upon arrival at the Hole in the Wall found that the cabin doesn't exist now. It is a very scenic area though. We rode to the saddle to the west and viewed Ferguson Flats.

Backtracking we decided to visit the Crist Cabin on Dry Creek. After riding down a muddy, rocky road, we found that only a few logs remain at the cabin site.

It had warmed up a lot by the time we started back to our trailers, so we got to enjoy the thawed ice and mud along the return route. I don't think any mud was left on the road as it is all on my ATV.

The whole trip took about 7 hours. I don't know how my GPS arrived at 24 hours.

Definitely need a high clearance vehicle to the cave sites. Take good flashlights!
Bray Lake, Tea Pot Cave, Caves, Tea Kettle Cave, Dead Horse Cave, Y Canal, Hole in the wall cabin, Crist Cabin, Clover Creek, Wray Lake, waterfalls, Bliss, Idaho
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Thanks Bob. Good info!
by Elindio42 on Jul 31, 2013
The Jericho Dead Horse Cave was used by the Odd Fellows Lodges of Hagerman, Gooding, Jerome, and Shoshone to do "degree work" in the early 1900s. They reportedly put in the chairs and also had electricity at one time. This was reported by Cloah Cowling in her book, "The Land of Sunrise Mountains" Page 134. Bob Squires
by Robertsquires on Jul 31, 2013
great videos

by kennymill on Jan 06, 2012
Trip Info
January 04, 2012
Trip Location: Bliss, Idaho, United States
Length: 43 miles
Duration: 24 hours
Activity: ATV/Offroading
Trip viewed 4,371 times
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