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Hollywood Sign Trail - California, United States

by tomguiss  
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Here is my trip to the top of Mt Lee at the famous Hollywood Sign !
I took a taxi to the start point of this trail located at 3400 North Beachwood Drive at the parking just before the Hollywood Ranch. From this point you can easily reach the Hollywood Sign in about 45 minutes.

Follow the Hollyridge Trail sign and walk up from the parking lot on the right.
Follow this way until the road split. The main road goes straight, but you have to follow the road going on the left.

Follow this road for about 10 minutes, then you will have to take on the right on the main road. It's the last time you have to turn, now just follow the trail to the top with amazing view of LA, Glendale and San Fernando valley.

At the top, don't try to climb the fences to touch the letters, it's stricly forbidden and you may be arrested !

It was a dream to be here, i'm all alone and i have the most beautiful view of Los Angeles !

I take the same way back to the parking lot ! I decide to go back to the hotel in Hollywood via the Beachwood Drive, Franklin Avenue, Yucca Street and finally Orchid Avenue, the street behind the Hollywood Highland Center.

From the parking lot, going up the Mt Lee and finally coming back to the hotel in Hollywood, it took me about 2 hours and a half for 6.3 miles.
Be sure the bring plenty of water especially during the summer, since it gets very hot during the day.
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Comments (3)

by tjeschete on Feb 08, 2012
no, the total of 6.3 miles is for the entire trip from the start point and to return to my hotel in Hollywood.

From the 3400 N Beachwood drive, it takes about 45 minuts to go to the sign, so about 1 mile each way.
by tomguiss on Feb 08, 2012
Is this trail a total of 6.3 miles...or is it 6.3 miles one way?
by tjeschete on Feb 05, 2012
Trip Info
September 07, 2011
Trip Location: Hollywood, California, United States
Length: 6.3 miles
Activity: Walking
Trip viewed 6,726 times
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