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Oreana, ID SW loop - Idaho, United States

by kennymill  
with a DeLorme Earthmate PN-60
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This the 2nd loop ride out of Oreana was to the East and South of the last ride, with one more loop ride to cover most of the area out of Oreana.


Eight of of us left the staging area and headed East to Pixley Creek, traveled South along the creek then turned going by Slide Spring past Birch Creek by the Doyle Place.


Going a little further ENE we traveled up Poison Creek road to the North. We then took a ride down Birch Creek to see where the trail went and then back to Poison Creek road to the North.


We topped the loop and headed back South on Castle Creek road and took a side road to Hogpen Gulch, back to Castle Creek road and another side tirp to Reservation Gulch.


On our way back to the pickups we took another detour down a big sand wash to find a geocache by Gbraach called Sand Castle, here is a link to this (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=acc491b8-9e9d-4cdc-aad6-00b24613b8cc).


Even if you don't geocache this is one spectular sight to see as you can tell by the photos. I won't even try to explain this area as I would not do justice to the photos. If you do nothing else but take this short ride to the cache it is well worth the ride.


God's handiwork is beyond words and beyond comparison. And the Owyhee mountains are full of his artistic handiwork, with spectuar cutout canyons, unassuming springs spotted throughout the desert, vast rolling sage mountains, massive juniper tree forests and great friendship makes all this the best.


Get out and enjoy the great outdoors, take you kids, parents or grandparents on a short ride and or hike to not only enjoy the scenery but to bond with family members, you won't regret it at all.



The geocache by gbraach called sand castle is worth the whole trip.
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Comments (2)
My horses got shod yesterday, but I would have liked the ATV ride better.
by Elindio42 on Nov 11, 2011
Kenny you are really getting these ETs down. I'm starting to think you like doing them.

ET and geocaching are a perfect fit. It's great when a link is put in the write up like you did here. Now I have both, your track and the geocache link at my fingtips.


by bedobe on Nov 11, 2011
Trip Info
November 10, 2011
Trip Location: Oreana, Idaho, United States
Length: 54 miles
Duration: 6 hours
Activity: ATV/Offroading
Trip viewed 1,345 times
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