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Bear Mountain Flats - Beaver Pond Trail - British Columbia, Canada

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The East sector of Harrison Hot Springs is an undeveloped paradise of forest, meadows, streams and wildlife. There are a variety of trails that criss-cross the area. One of the better hikes begins near the base of Bear Mountain on LIllooet Avenue. The trail is fairly well marked, however the beginning trail skirts several houses before it leaves the residential area of Harrison behind. After heading due south for a little less than a kilometer the trail heads east to Bear Mountain and then follows the base of Bear Mountain for the remainder of the trail. This area can get quite mashy as it is a natural drainage area for the mountain and so waterproof shoes are a must if there has been rain recently. At the end of the trail you can either turn around and head back to make it a loop or follow MchPherson road to McCoombs Drive and take that back into town. If you choose this option you can do the short trail know as Spirit Trail which is a local treasure as it includes more than two dozen masks attached to the beautiful cedars in this forest.
The trail by the base of the mountain follows a drainage slough and can become quite marshy. Waterproof shoes or boots are recommended during the rain season.
bear mountain, Harrison Hot Springs BC
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Great and easy trail easily accessible from Harrison Hot Springs.
by TourismHarrison on Nov 10, 2011
Trip Info
April 09, 2012
Trip Location: Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
Length: 2.0 miles
Activity: Hiking
Trip viewed 3,079 times
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