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Hong Kong Ghost Villages

by MikeMcD82  
with a iPhone 4
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In the North East part of Hong Kong, across the border from China,  several villages have been abandoned due to their remoteness. Remaining are many empty village houses, fung shui woodlands, fishing ponds, mangrove swamps, cultivated fields, abandoned school houses lying in a valley along the coast.  Did the hike with and thanks to Roz's hiking group, and Angela the hike leader.
The hike starts at Luk Keng, travel along the coast passing through Au Kung Au, Kung Shue Au, Au Tsai and So Lo Pun.  The trail gets extremely bushy at parts so be prepared for that. 
hong kong, Ghosts, Ghost Village Luk Keng
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Trip Info
November 06, 2011
Trip Location: Luk Keng Wong Uk, Hong Kong
Length: 8.7 miles
Duration: 6 hours
Activity: Hiking
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