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Death Valley Dirt Ride - California, United States

by Dan-A  
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This was two day rides, the southwestern loop on day one, and the north eastern loop on day two. Both started at the campground at Furnace Creek. My ride was a BMW F800GS. Including me, there were 5 riders on day 1, 7 on day 2. Pics:
Day one went out the West Road and up to Warm Springs. There is an abandoned house and swimming pool there near a mine, with a place to sign in. It gets more rugged up from there to Mengal Pass. On the other side we took a side trip to the infamous Barker Ranch, Charlie Manson's old haunt. From there we came down the other side where we ended up in the Panamint Valley.  Then back north with a stop at Ballarat, an occupied ghost town, cold sodas available. Then onward north, up and over the Wild Rose Hiway. We didn't stop at the Charcoal Kilns this time, but if you go, it is worth seeing.

Day two was originally supposed to be a Titus Canyon ride. Realizing that would be too short of a day by itself, we headed out to the east up over and around as you can see by the map. There are no particular landmarks to point to until we came out on Hiway 95 in NV south of Beatty. North to Beatty where we gassed up and ate our sack lunches at the city park. From there we headed east towards Titus Canyon, with a short side trip to Rhyolite, an interesting ghost town. Check out the Bottle House. The guides say this is their last year, and I understand they have been there a long time. Too bad. On to Titus Canyon, aptly named. They could have called it Tight Ass Canyon, because it is. At the other end of Titus was a quick blast on pavement back to camp.

This is a very rugged motorcycle ride not recommended for street bikes or inexperienced riders. It contains sandy washes, gravel pits, rocks, large and small. Terrain ranges from steep up and down hill to flat. At the top of Mengal pass we had to help each other over the largest rocks.

Bring a camera, many great photo ops along the way.
Death Valley, rhyolite, beatty, Titus Canyon, ballarat, panamint valley, barker ranch, charlie manson, dual sport ride, enduro ride, BMW GS
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Trip Info
by Dan-A
January 29, 2009
Trip Location: Furnace Creek, California, United States
Length: 311 miles
Duration: 17 hours
Activity: Motorcycling
Trip viewed 9,938 times
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