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Chimney Top Road Trail E - Kentucky, United States

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This trail starts off at a single parking area with a post to identify it by.  The trail meanders through a mixed forest before a fairly drastic descent  down a narrow ridge.  Be careful at a sharp downhill right hand turn.  Going straight will put you at a 35 foot vertical.  Drop off a small (4-5 foot ledge) and descend even further to a nearly vertical, root covered gully that is the final descent to the MASSIVE rock shelter and waterfall at the end.  This is one of the BEST rock shelters in the Red River Gorge.

4th class scrambling in two different places.  Slick, off camber rock areas and mild route finding concerns.  This is a geologic area.  Please respect the plant life and try not to make too many new tracks.  NO ROCK SHELTER FIRES!
Red River Gorge Rock Shelter Chimney Top
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Great trail. Short but exciting physically and visually.
by Euro-werks on May 23, 2011
Trip Info
May 23, 2011
Trip Location: Pine Ridge, Kentucky, United States
Length: 0.6 miles
Duration: 19 minutes
Activity: Hiking
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