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Marvin Braude Bike Path - Full Loop 43 Miles - California, United States

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Call it the Boardwalk, The Ocean Walk,  The Strand, or Just the Beach, the proper name is The Marvin Braude Bike Path.  Its a 20 Mile Bike path that starts at Will Rodgers State Beach and ends down at Torrance Beach(or vice versa).  I recommend doing the whole path start to finish and back again.  I did this today with In-Line skates and next time I'll try it on my bike.  Most People have gone to the beach and walked the path but its truly a treat to complete the whole thing.  The path rolls through many different beach communities and piers and you'll get to know the beach side like you've never seen it before.  But be warned!  It's a killer 43 miles, so only the brave apply.  If your looking for some good cardio and you have 4 or 5 hours to spare, give the full bike path a try.  You wont forget it!
Pace yourself!!! 43 miles remember...  the whole thing will take 4 to 5 hours depending on your pace.
If your skating, try and be careful going around the marina, the path gets a little choppy and uneven.
plenty of restrooms, water fountains, and places to eat, so relax and enjoy the view!
marvin braude bike path, boardwalk, The Strand, santa monica, venice, in line skating, Rollerblading, Marina del Rey, manhattan beach, redondo beach.
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I've been riding this trail from one end to the other (and back) almost every day on my bicycle for the last five months, inline skates in the saddlebags.

I'd say that there are parts that are seriously WAY too bumpy to be fun on skates - like the path that leads around Marina Del Rey, which also involves riding a few blocks with cars along Washington Blvd, though there are parts where you could skate on the sidewalk. Same thing with the part that goes around the marina at Redondo Beach. Sections where I like to park my bike and don the K2's for a while include...

Santa Monica, from the northern beach near Montana Ave, down to where it starts getting too curvy and congested as you enter Venice Beach. At that part there is also a parking lot that's usually closed to traffic that's great for practicing skating moves that you don't necessarily want to do out on the bike path, like spin-stops, forwards-to-backwards transitions, etc.

Torrance Beach is great for long hills where you can just glide on your skates for a long time without striding, without too much worrying about how you're going to stop at the end because there are decent run-offs or uphill portions to slow you down just when you need it... with lots of benches and bike racks where you can switch from bike to skates.

The Strand at Hermosa Beach wins the prize for the smoothest pavement and straightest widest stretch for skating, except near the pier in the middle where you have some cobblestone strips to navigate - which I think were put there on purpose to slow us down where ped traffic is likely to be higher... and that is the main concern here... forget about the idea of skating or biking fast during weekends... and there are times when you'll have to dismount your bike and walk through the crowded parts.
by gruumsh on Oct 30, 2012
Trip Info
May 21, 2011
Trip Location: Pacific Palisades, California, United States
Length: 43 miles
Duration: 5 hours
Activity: In-Line Skating
Trip viewed 12,986 times
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