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Elmer's / Hockett Gulch - Colorado, United States

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This is a nice short ride with all the elements that make for an exciting trail ride. 

The ride starts with a quick and fairly steep climb up School House Rock. At the top of the first big climb the trail will fork. Stay left to ride Elmer's. This is a fairly mellow uphill climb with a few steep spots to power up. You want to stay right each time the trail gives you an option to split directions (If you want to go on a longer ride make a left at Tick Alley and use one of my other maps that begins at Tick Alley to navigate your way further into Hardscrabble Mountain).

This trail will place you onto private property, which I advise against. If you want to exit at a BLM recognized trailhead, you will need to make a right at my second waypoint and exit down School House Rock where you started. 

Make sure you make a right at my second waypoint or you will exit onto private property. 
Elmers, Hockett Gulch
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Trip Info
May 15, 2011
Trip Location: Eagle, Colorado, United States
Length: 4.5 miles
Duration: 49 minutes
Activity: Mountain biking
Trip viewed 1,238 times
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