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Haleakala NP - Hawaii, United States

by croyle  
with a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx
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Haleakala is perhaps my favorite place on Maui, pegging the WOW! meter at 10. I've been to Maui three times in the last 20 years and Haleakala is still a must-do.

Like my Road to Hana trip, this track has been edited to start at a major intersection near Kahului. Chances are good that most people driving to the top will pass through this point, so you can estimate your time from that point regardless if you are starting in Kahului, Lahaina, Kehei, or wherever.

This track is one way, driving to the peak area. Don't forget to plan on the drive back!

I recommend stopping at for the Leleiwi Overlook. There's a waypoint for it on the map. We'd zipped past in on previous visits, but this time I knew better. A short walk rewards you with wonderful views. Of course then you'll want to continue to the top.

There are two ranger stations with displays. The lower one is also the park HQ. We stopped there on the way down. The other is close to the peak but don't miss driving up to the proper peak area. The upper center has restrooms and water fountains too IIRC, but I don't recall if the lower center did. I would assume so. They also have books, shirts, maps, and other goodies.

Visibility can be low at the top, but it can be hard to predict from below. Haleakala was shrouded in cloud our entire week (in April) there but when we drove up we discovered that the clouds topped out at about 7500', well below Haleakala's 10k elevation. At the top it was windy and a little cool but still OK in shorts & a Hawaiian shirt! Don't count on that though, so layering is the smart move.

Bring. Your. Camera.
Haleakala, National Park, Hawaii, Maui, trail, view, overlook
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Trip Info
by croyle
April 12, 2011
Trip Location: Haleakala NP, Hawaii, United States
Length: 35 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Activity: Driving
Trip viewed 741 times
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