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1986 yukon by canoe
by sergio.borroni on Feb 03, 2009
Kayaking / Canoeing | 1,407 miles
il fiume piu bello del mondo... un ricordo bellissimo.
Whitehorse - Mountain Hero
by sharonbader on Jul 12, 2011
Carcross, Yukon, Canada
Mountain biking | 18.1 miles
Guided ride with Sylvain and Boreal Mountain Biking to the Carcross Epic - Mountain Hero. The ride is named after a mine that was operational in the early 1900's. You climb up an access road from Carcross in the Alpine for most of the way then down an epic single track trail! 1000 Meter Descent! This track is from Sylvain as my GPS died on the descent. 
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Alaska 2012
by flyhyguy on May 25, 2012
Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 1,454 miles
Friday May 25. Trying to get the gps track onto spotadventure and getting the photos loaded took longer to figure out than I anticipated. We left Dan's place in Williams lake at noon. Well rested, reacquainted with a good old friend and Robins eye as good as new. Showing Robin the places I used to stay when I came up to Williams Lake, Quesnel and Prince George with Weldwood and Westjet made her understand why I am always glad...
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Alaska A 2012
by flyhyguy on May 30, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Motorcycling | 1,339 miles
May 30 On the way out of town we passed the DC3 wind-vane (it actually moved while we were standing beside it). We also passed a guy loading his KTM990 in front of a hotel. While we were stopped at the traffic light I yelled at him “where are you going?” he replied “up to Dawson”, “see you along the way”. We passed by Fox lake and saw the evidence of the Fox lake fire a number of years ago....
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Matt and Robins Alaska expedition
by flyhyguy on May 25, 2012
Motorcycling | 8,069 miles
I am still trying to get the bikes back together so we can depart for Alaska on time. The 990 has a bolt missing from the skid plate and we are waiting for a chain and sprocket set from KTM twins. The parts for the valve job on Robin's BMW F800GS have arrived but I am not home till Saturday to begin to put the bike back together and gotta leave Sunday to work for another two days. We bought...
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Traveling back from Alaska to lower 48
by jmcghee553 on Jul 04, 2012
Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Motorcycling | 1,270 miles
We had to divert from our plans  to go down to Valdez ,as the forecast was for 5 days of rain and so we decided to go ahead an start working our way down the Alaskan Highway to Jasper, Alberta Canada... In retrospect that was a big    mistake,as when i looked at my tires before we left Fairbanks, I notcied that they looked alittle worn but I figured that they should get me...
Dempster Highway - stąd do Koła Arktycznego raptem 400km Photo
#18 Whitehorse - Dawson City
by MotoJary2010 on Aug 24, 2010
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Motorcycling | 333 miles
Na jakiś czas żegnamy się z Alaska Hwy i po mokrej nocy w Whitehorse, ogarnięci gorączką złota uciekamy przed deszczem na północ wiodącą Złotym Szlakiem Klondike Hwy. W pewnej chwili, na poboczu dostrzegamy ogromnego Gryzli, który na naszych oczach nieomal nie pożera bezmyślnego latynosa, dla którego 5m to za wiele na zrobienie dobrej fotki. W dalszą drogę wyruszamy powoli, bacznie obserwując pobliskie krzaki. I wnet, jak na zamówienie, na środku jezdni...
Whitehorse - Money Shot on Grey mountain
by sharonbader on Jul 10, 2011
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Mountain biking | 24 miles
Local riding in whitehorse on Grey mountain. Rode from Riverdale, up lower roller coaster to Upper Roller coaster to Grey Mountain Road. Climbed to the water towers short hike a bike along the ridge to Money Shot, Easy Money, Payback, SFD, Girlfriend , Juicy, Yukon River Trail, Rim Trail Hidden Lakes back to Riverdale. 38km 1200km climbing. 
Whitehorse - Grey Mountain - Boogaloos
by sharonbader on Jul 10, 2011
Mountain biking | 18.6 miles
More back yard biking from Boreale mountain biking in Grey MountainFirst loop is Hilarious, a fun short loop from Boreale. Afternoon ride with Alex on Grey Mountain. Nice easy ride up the powerline to Hula Girl to Bypass Trail to Mother T to Woodcutters road then down Boogaloo, Downtown Go-T, Boogaloo Heights, Upper Boogaloo, Lower Boogaloo, Broken Truck, Log Lake Heights back to Boreale Mountain Biking. 
Tombstones Hike from Grizzly to Divide Lake
by sharonbader on Jul 14, 2011
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Hiking | 298 miles
Day 2 hike from Grizzly Lake to Divide Lake. Up Glissade pass - 400m climbing  in 1.1km. Then DOWN the other side! 320m descending in 900m! Then a nice hike to Divide Lake.It was not as hard as we thought it would be hike back up Glissade pass on the North Side. Tombstones Territorial Park is one of those special places in the Yukon that one must work for to get to and hike...
To Top Of Black St Stairs
by kelbee on Dec 03, 2011
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Walking | 0.5 miles
Snowshoe To Work
by kelbee on Dec 06, 2011
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Snowshoeing | 1.6 miles
Took longer than i thought, lots of snow!
Chadburn Lake Walk
by kelbee on Dec 18, 2011
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Walking | 2.2 miles
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Black St Stairs
by kelbee on Jan 08, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Walking | 1.1 miles
Night Ski W The Ladies
by kelbee on Jan 08, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Cross-country skiing | 3.9 miles
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McIntyre Creek Skijor with Halo
by Frozenfella on Mar 17, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Cross-country skiing | 1.7 miles
Perfect little loop just minutes from the house.  Range Road has been closed down now, and makes for a great downhill run to the McIntyre Creek.  From there we follow the creek down towards the Yukon River.  Fresh moose tracks all along the trails! 
Porter Creek Hidden Lake Trail 04-08-12
by jponsioen on Apr 08, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Hiking | 1.8 miles
Dog walking trail behind porter creek school and hidden lakes.
Whitehorse to Fort Nelson
by Bigplatcool on Aug 06, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Motorcycling | 584 miles
Hike millenium trail
by bksailing on Aug 30, 2012
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Hiking | 5.5 miles
Research Forest
by Frozenfella on May 13, 2013
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Geocaching | 4.0 miles
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