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Ray Miller Trail / La Jolla Canyon
by modernhiker on Apr 27, 2008
Sycamore Cove, California, United States
Hiking | 14.9 miles
Full write up at Modern Hiker.
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Sycamore Canyon Loop
by modernhiker on May 03, 2008
Casa Conejo, California, United States
Hiking | 11.4 miles
Full write up at Modern Hiker.
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Ohlone Wilderness Trail
by Vaudesir on May 09, 2009
Scotts Corner, California, United States
Backpacking | 29 miles
After having hiked a portion of the Ohlone Wilderness trail from Lake Del Valle to Murietta Falls last February, I felt compelled to hike the full 28 miles of this trail, connecting Lake Del Valle to Stanford Avenue in Fremont, which is the west-facing foot of Mission Peak.This sure seemed challenging. 28 miles is long, even over two days. The climb to Rose Peak is strenuous for sure. And then, Mission Peak comes as a "bonus".After doing a...
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Fiery Gizzard to Foster Falls
by jeffbouldin on Feb 18, 2012
Lankford Town, Tennessee, United States
Hiking | 12.4 miles
9 of us started this trail at about 9:30 in the morning. The forecast called for a chance of rain (which was better than the 90 percent they called for the night before) but we fortunately had beautiful 60 degree rain free weather. The hike is very strenuous. After descending into the canyon the trail follows the  Big fiery Gizzard Creek. This is the hardest part of the hike, the trail crosses many bolder strewn fields. About a...
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Las Trampas Regional Wilderness/The Devil's Hole
by unkletom on Aug 22, 2010
San Ramon, California, United States
Hiking | 6.7 miles
This hike is a real cardio workout and one that is easy to under-estimate.  It involves a steep climb up the hill, a sharp descent down the other side followed by (if you ever wish to see your car again, another even steeper climb back up and a cruelly indirect descent (if you can call it that) back to the car. The total vertical was about 3,000 feet.The hike begins on the paved...
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Santa Rita OHV:Gunsight Pass, Lopez Pass and Sycamore Canyon
by BlujnsNPearls on May 02, 2010
Tucson, Arizona, United States
ATV/Offroading | 24 miles
We went back another day and did some more trails in the Santa Rita's.  We enjoyed the trail but the winds were bad.  There were reported gusts in town up to 50 mph.  So up on those ridges and mountain passes where it is usually windy...
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Sycamore Canyon Trail
by etorres5 on Oct 13, 2013
Whittier, California, United States
Hiking | 1.6 miles
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Caspers Wilderness Park - Oak Trail Loop
by Mikey. on Mar 04, 2013
Coto De Caza, California, United States
Hiking | 2.9 miles
Distance: 2.9 miles     Elevation gain/loss: 248 ft / 229 ft     Moving time: 0:55     Moving speed: 2.8 mph                 started at the windmill on the nature trail going north to the oak trail. turned right on star rise trail and right again on bell canyon trail to return to windmill.lots of large old oak and sycamore trees on this riparian habitat hike. 
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Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch
by CowgirlJewel on Aug 28, 2010
Horseback Riding | 4.7 miles
Chris and Barbara (Boulder Oaks, California, United States) Photo
Chris and Barbara (Boulder Oaks, California, United States) Photo
Martha\'s Grove (Boulder Oaks, California, United States) Photo
Martha\'s Grove (Boulder Oaks, California, United States) Photo
Thanksgiving Sycamore Canyon Hike
by jostd on Nov 27, 2008
Poway, California, United States
Hiking | 3.7 miles
Start at Sycamore Park&Ride (Danville, California, United States) Photo
First flat (Walnut Heights, California, United States) Photo
Second flat (Walnut Heights, California, United States) Photo
Livorna Park (Alamo, California, United States) Photo
Danville - Blackhawk - Windemere
by prathmann on Nov 22, 2009
Danville, California, United States
Road biking | 32 miles
Valley Spokesman club ride starting at the Park&Ride lot at the I-680 and Sycamore intersection.  We rode north to Walnut Creek and then continued up Rudgear to Lavender and Livorna Park.  After a brief regroup our route passed through a number of countryclubs (Roundhill, Diablo, and Blackhawk) before heading into the more rural setting of eastern Camino Tassajara.  Then we headed up the new Windemere Parkway to Bollinger and back into San...
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Sandstone Peak to Pt Mugu - Geocache/Hike
by jeff.jost on Jun 12, 2010
Sandstone Peak, California, United States
Geocaching | 17.1 miles
Trip with two other geocaching buddies.  From Circle X Ranch off Yerba Buena Road parking lot, up to Sandstone Peak along the Backbone Trail, down a portion of Sycamora Canyon and then over to the Ray Miller Trail and down to the La Jolla Trailhead day-use area.  This is the 18+ mile stretch of the West portion of the Backbone Trail.  Done in attempt to complete a Geocaching challenge called Spinal Tap....
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Avila Beach - Fisher Canyon Hike
by ryanerb on May 25, 2009
Sycamore Springs, California, United States
Hiking | 3.3 miles
2/1/2013: TRAIL IS NOW CLOSED AS A RESULT OF TOO MUCH TRAFFIC.  I GUESS EVERYTRAIL IS MAYBE A BAD THING? This is a great hike starting in Avila Valley and reaching a nice peak with gorgeous ocean views!  Great hike, took us about an hour for 3.18 miles.
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Sycamore Canyon Two Foxes
by skwerts on Dec 26, 2009
Newbury park, California, United States
Mountain biking | 13.7 miles
Marty, Big Mike and myself into Sycamore Canyon, right at the bridge, up the asphalt hill to Sin Nombre Trail back to Big Sycamore Canyon, to Two Foxes to Wood Canyon and back home.  First day of Big Mike with his new helmet mounted video camera.  Outstanding footage!!!
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Sycamore Canyon Overlook
by skwerts on Dec 31, 2009
Casa Conejo, California, United States
Mountain biking | 18.7 miles
Beautiful day in Sycamore after a rain.  Trail sticky with good traction.  Rode into Big Sycamore  Canyon on to Wood Canyon, up the real Hell Hill to the Overlook Trail, down to Big Sycamore Canyon and back to Newbury Park.  Great guys, no accidents, unbelievable views!
Service Road Entrance Photo
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Point Mugu State Park Photo
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Sycamore Canyon to Upper Sin Nombre
by skwerts on Dec 30, 2009
Casa Conejo, California, United States
Mountain biking | 8.5 miles
Starting in Newbury Park at the Service Road Entrance to Point Mugu State Park. This loop ride goes down into Big Sycamore Canyon(asphalt road) to the "Sin Nombre" trail (fun single track)  and back up to Newbury Park.  It was raining(light), and the trail was in great shape.... saw many deer.  This was a very slow(time 1:40) ride because of the amount of pics that were taken.  You have to go down a...
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Looking down at Pacific Palisades. Photo
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Temescal Gateway Park/Topanga State Park
by huckleberry2150 on Aug 07, 2011
Pacific Palisades, California, United States
Hiking | 5.2 miles
Located in Pacific Palisades, Temescal Gateway Park is one of the most popular parks in the Santa Monica Mountains.  The park encompasses 141 acres of oak and sycamore canyons, a waterfall, ridgetop views, and access to miles of trails in Topanga State Park, Will Rogers State Historic Park, and the 20,000-acre "Big Wild."We started at the park entrance at Temescal Canyon Rd. & Sunset Blvd.  We followed trails for about an hour,...
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Near HQ Photo
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Henry Coe, Nesbit & Fitzgerald Ridges
by AlphaRoaming on Jan 30, 2011
Madrone Soda Springs (historical), California, United States
Hiking | 15.8 miles
I've always been attracted to "blank spots" on the map. In this case, the map was "blank" when looking at thisarea on and was also interesting in that it's not too far from Coe HQ, but gets almost no visitors. I had been from Manzanita Point to Madrone Soda Springs a few times, including a "scouting trip" in this area once before. During April 2010 I got a late start in the...
Near Santa Cruz (Davenport, California, United States) Photo
Happy Dog (Big Sur, California, United States) Photo
Big Sur (Big Sur, California, United States) Photo
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Big Sur
by spenserj87 on Oct 17, 2008
Big Sur, California, United States
Motorcycling | 686 miles
The trip started in the East Bay and we quickly headed over to Skyline Blvd for breakfast at Alice's - a can't miss for anyone riding a motorbike in the area.  We gassed up and then headed over to Hwy 1 on La Honda, Pescadero Creek, and Cloverdale roads.  We planned on taking an inland road over to Hwy 9, but the road was closed.  The highlight of the day was a roadside vista...
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Danville - Livermore - Windemere loop
by prathmann on Aug 04, 2013
San Ramon, California, United States
Road biking | 39 miles
Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at the Sycamore Ave. Park&Ride lot in Danville and heading out to Livermore on Tassajara, Highland, and Collier Canyon.  We returned over Jack London, Fallon, Tassajara, and through the Windemere development.
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